Virtual Education

Virtual Education

The Valdez Museum is now closed to the public due to community health concerns, but the staff is working hard to keep the Museum’s educational program offerings current and meaningful. Peruse the list below and be sure to Stay Tuned, for more new workshops and activities.

Memorial Day Tribute: Remembering U.S. Army Colonel Emerson Hamilton Liscum.

Valdez Museum Ft. Liscum Exhibit

Museum Educator Faith Revell has produced an informative video that gives the story behind how Memorial Day came into being. And she delves into the history of the person about whom Ft. Liscum is named. Click here.


Charcoal Drawing from
Student Art Show 2020

Museum Educator Faith Revell was inspired by the artwork of local students now on exhibit at the Valdez Museum, including this charcoal drawing done by a Valdez High School Senior. Revell, an accomplished artist, says she loves working with charcoal, “for me it sits somewhere between drawing and painting.” She has created an informative and entertaining video that shares her knowledge of how to use this versatile medium. To watch it just click charcoal!

Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow!

In honor of Earth Day 2020 on April 22nd Museum Educator Faith Revell presents this workshop that not only shows you how to be a successful gardener, but also mixes in a bit of local history from the Valdez Museum’s archives. That includes a vintage photo of Owen Meals, prominent Valdez pioneer, planting potatoes in his Old Town garden. Set your green thumb free by clicking here!

Stitching On Burlap

An art workshop by Faith Revell

Inspired by the textile creations of Valdez students now on exhibit in the annual Student Art Show, Faith shows you, step by step, how to create beautiful stitched designs on burlap cloth. Learn how to make your own creation by clicking here!

New this year to the Museum’s “Virtual” Spring Into Art 2020 are the addition of textiles and stitching as seen in the photos below. The stitching on burlap was done by a first grader at Hermon Hutchens Elementary School and the beautiful quilt was made by a 7th grader in Kim Keller’s Home Economics class.

Making a Collagraph Print

Student Art from “Virtual” Spring Into Art 2020

Making a collagraph with Faith Revell from the Valdez Museum is a video in two short parts focused upon a collagraph, print made from inking a collage on board and transferring that image to paper. Inspired by prints that Valdez student artists created. Click here: Part 1 and Part 2.

Birch Tree Art

These images reflect art works featuring birch trees made by Hermon Hutchens Elementary School students in Valdez, Alaska. They are on exhibit at the Valdez Museum. The example with warmer blue/greens was inspired by students’ work and created by Faith Revell who will show you how to create your own forest of beautiful trees in Valdez, just click: treeartworkshop.

Earthquakes and Old Town

See the history of the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake and its impact on the original Valdez townsite and its residents in this PowerPoint and new on-line teaching resource created by the Valdez Museum. This lesson is geared to students in grade three through adult. March 27th, 2020 marked the 56th anniversary of the earthquake.To view the presentation, click here.  


Counting people in remote Alaskan villages has proved challenging for the Census Bureau since 1870. That is why the decennial census kicks off early in Alaska. On January 21, 2020 Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham flew to the village of Toksook Bay and began the count.

Click here to watch the unique way they conduct the census in remote parts of Alaska during the frozen winter: ToksookCensus

To learn more about the history of the census in Alaska click here.

Free Online Art Lessons

The Art in Action team has created an Online-Learning Art Portal to share with all in need of K-8 art resources. Please explore, enjoy and share with your community!

String Drop Art

These are two wonderful examples of string drop art on exhibit at the Valdez Museum. Thank you students and Sue Keeney! See the video to learn what supplies are needed and how to make them.