New Museum Project

New Museum Project

Our Vision: Preserving the Human Story

The Valdez Museum has roots dating back to 1901 when Valdez prospector Joe Bourke gathered together a small exhibit of “curiosities” to display around town. Those objects are now part of the Museum’s core collection. As keepers of local history, we continue to collect objects, artifacts and especially human stories to document and share the rich history of our Prince William Sound region. Currently we operate in two different locations, and by consolidating into one facility we will ensure our future sustainability by providing these three efficiencies:

  • Eliminate the need for additional summer season staff
  • Reduce the cost of operations, such as utilities and human resources
  • Replace the outdated climate control system to better preserve our collections and improve visitor comfort

Located in the heart of downtown, our new museum building will be a cultural and community connector, plus be a significant part of downtown revitalization efforts as well as tourism expansion for Valdez.

Vision statement:

  • Community members use the Museum as a space for creativity, collaboration and learning
  • The Museum serves as a gateway for visitors to learn about the region by welcoming and connecting them with information and opportunities
  • Create an environment where both visitors and locals feel safe to come and return often to experience new, engaging programs and exhibits