Valdez Museum Survey

Valdez Museum Survey


What Do You Want? Valdez Museum Survey

Valdez, Alaska, April 24, 2020 –It is the Valdez Museum’s commitment to our membership and community to stay connected in this uncertain time as we wonder how the world is going to evolve after the current COVID-19 global pandemic is over. We intend to keep you informed about not only what is going on at the Museum but also, and probably even more importantly, to let you know the impact this pandemic has had on museum operations plus anticipated contributed and earned revenues.

This is the time of year that we are typically gearing up for the summer season when we anticipate roughly 20,000 visitors from around the world.  Given that Governor Dunleavy has mandated all Libraries, Archives and Museums remain closed until further notice, the Museum is losing 40% of its contributed and earned revenue.  If we are not able to open this summer we will likely see a loss of $231,000 that supports our mission driven programming.  We have only had to lay off one staff member, but we are not looking to bring on 5 – 6 seasonal staff. We strive to figure out how to best fulfill our obligations to the community in terms of service and jobs.

This is more than a complex time, it is quite chaotic, but we are in this together. The Museum’s dedicated Board and Staff have rallied to find new ways of interacting with our members, friends, donors and stakeholders.  Since closing we have created a wide variety of virtual and interactive offerings on our website and Facebook page.  You can find these postings and updates on our website: or our Facebook page.

But it’s important for us to know–Are we on the right track?  Are we communicating and offering the right kinds of programs?

It is the Valdez Museum’s commitment to stay connected in this uncertain time.  We are still here and want to serve you to the best of our ability.  How can we do that?  Please take a moment to answer this quick 5 question survey. To complete the survey click here.

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