Valdez, Alaska, March 6, 2020 – The Valdez Museum and Historical Association, Inc. (VMHA) has identified 100 item sets to deaccession from the Valdez Museum collection, as defined in AS 14.57.050. An itemized list can be downloaded here: Deaccession List. All items are believed to have been in the possession of VMHA for at least 7 years as of January 1, 2020. The City Council of Valdez, representing the members of the Valdez Museum, approved the deaccession of these items and their subsequent removal from the collection through a resolution passed on March 3, 2020, download document here: City Resolution. In accordance with Alaska State Law and the VMHA Collection Policy a 30-day appeal period is determined from the last date of this posting for any appeals by the general public in regards to this action. Following the appeal period, unclaimed items will be added to the museum collection. This notice will run March 9 through April 6, 2020.

Objects may kept or repurposed by the museum as needed. If items are recommended for disposal, objects may only be disposed by the following prioritized means, as stated in the Valdez Museum and Historical Archive Collection Policy:

1. Return to donor or a descendant of the donor. This may cause a problem with the Internal Revenue Service if a tax deduction was taken for the donation. The donor would be informed of that fact and would be responsible to contact the IRS.

2. Exchange with, transfer or sell to another museum or historical repository.

3. Public sale or auction.

4. Absolute destruction.

Full item descriptions and collection record data is available upon request. Please cite the object’s Reference Number when making an inquiry. Deadline for item claims is May 6, 2020.

For more information contact:

Andrew Goldstein, Curator of Collections & Exhibitions 

P.O. Box 8, 217 Egan Drive

Valdez, Alaska 99686

Tel. 907-835-8905