A New Website

A New Website

Welcome to the Valdez Museum & Historical Archive’s new website. The VMHA board members and staff embarked on a two year strategic planning process that recently came to completion in summer of 2012. This new Strategic Plan is a five year road map that articulated four specific goals:

  • Be a sustainable organization
  • Have a diverse program
  • Have a dynamic communication program
  • Consolidate infrastructure

Embedded within each of the strategic goals are objectives, milestones and action items which will guide board and staff for years to come. One of the objectives of having a dynamic communication program is to expand and enhance technological resources, and one of the milestones of that is to upgrade the website for easier navigation and interaction.

We think we have done just that and we hope you agree. Please take some time to explore our new website and all of the information that it has to offer.


Click here if you would like to see more of the strategic plan