Young, Robert. E. (C1900)

Young, Robert. E. (C1900)

Pre 1898

Arrived in Alaska, Oct. 1897, C1900;


Young and Frank Downey claim to have found the same Bellum copper claim as Hoffman; this is the first copper claim that Millard knows about in the interior. Millard,TVN, 1: 7. 4/20/01; His party travels with Oscar Rohn’s Rice & Wayland’s, McCarthy’s party, Downey party, and Holman on 6/19/99 through Keystone Canyon on Trans-Alaska Military Trail, meets McClellan, Amy, Millard & others on Tsaina, Abercrombie 1900, p. 113ff; Witnesses Millard’s claim on Eagle River near Cordova, 1899. PWSMDR, p. 120-121;


In Valdez between 6/11/1900-6/26/1900, C1900; Location Notice: “Snow slide,” with A.L. Singletary, on Copper Creek about 3 miles above timberline on snowslide, located 8/17/1900, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 177;