Newcomb, Jim P.

Newcomb, Jim P.


Saved his partner’s life by going over Valdez Glacier in winter of 1898-99 to get scurvy medicine, Chase, Trail Blazers, Pioneers of Alaska, pp. 63-64; List of prospectors crossing Valdez Glacier, May 29, 1898, W.H. Crary Diary, p. 5;


Witness Bartlett Claim 1/29/1900, Valdez Mining District, p. 29; Name appears as officer or committee person in minutes of the Miner’s Meeting 4/20/1900 at Moose Camp: J. Burke (Chair), Kraemer (secretary), M. Dempsey (Recorder), B.E. Skinner, F. Date, R.T. Heron, W.J. Aniker, Jas. B. Newcomb, A.D.. McDowell, T. M. Dautton, W.H. Crary; approved size and by-laws of district, passed Resolution: against the “lavish and indiscriminate use of Powers-of-Attorney, but that those representing partners in the Territory of Alaska and locating claims for them shall not be considered guilty of such use.” (Directed against Hazelet party), resolution to be “posted in conspicuous places;” appointed committee of 5 (names not given) to settle minor disputes until the next meeting, 4/21/1900, p. 11-13, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Chistochina, No. 2, Witness to J. Manker’s claim on Slate Creek, p. 23; Witness with C.F. Brehme to Wunke’s sell of “Pittsburg” claim on Slate Creek to James Manker, 8/10/1900, Valdez MDR,1900, p. 51; Location Notice: “The Discovery” on Slate Creek, discovered and located 6/20/1900, by: D.B. Lavell, C.H. Kramer, Jack Beck, Robt. Coles, B. McDowall, Sam Taylor, Jim Manker, J.B. Newcomb, J. Jacobson, J. Miller, filed 9/6/1900, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 54; Witness to Manker’s “Tacoma Claim” on Slate Creek located 6/21/1900, witnesses Newcomb and McDowall, filed 9/8/1900, Valdez MDR,1900, p. 59; Location Notice, “Summit Claim,” on Highland Creek a tributary of the Chisna near Slate Creek, located 6/28/1900, filed 9/10/1900, Witness with H. Miller to N.E. Ohlsson’s Vulcane Place Claim, p. 248, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; also in Valdez MDR,1900, p. 72; Location Notice for “Eureka Mine,” on Slate Creek, located 6/21/1900, filed 9/10/1900, p. 249, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; also inValdez MDR,1900, p. 73; Location Notice filed by Newcomb with power of attorney for Barlett, “Grub State Mine,” on Slate Creek, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 74; Quit claim deed: “For value received” assigns, etc. his 1/3 interest in the “Hot Dog Claim,” at Slate Creek located on 6/23/1900 to J.B. Newcomb, attorney for Frank Bartlett, 7/28/1900, witnesses Wunke and Manker,Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 121-2; Witness to Manker “Hillside Bench Claim,” 6/10/1900, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 163; Acknowledges that F.G. Bartlett is “an equal partner with me in all property I claim in the Territory of Alaska,” 12/21/1900, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 202; Location notice for “Grubstake” claim on Slate Creek by J.B. Newcomb, attorney in fact, 6/21/1900, p. 108, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; See notice of protest against signers of “Discovery” claim on Slate Creek by Herbert Spencer Gray, 7/28/1900, p. 180, Chisna MD.Records, 1900;


Owns a good claim on Slate Creek with Bartlett and Breame; 15 men employed, taking out about 2 oz. a day per man. The Valdez News, 1:21. 7/27/01; Arrives in Valdez from interior, The Valdez News. 1:30. 9/28/01, p. 4;