Millard, Benjamin Franklin

Millard, Benjamin Franklin


First-class passenger on steamer Excelsior, departing Seattle, 2/27/98 for Valdez, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/28/98; Documents from Thrond Opdahl funeral including letter to local Masonic Lodge from funeral committee and death certificate, mentions B.F. Millard, H.J. Loew, Wm. L. Cook as members of funeral committee, written March 24, 26, published Marshall News-Messenger, 4/22/98; 32nd degree Mason, Led funeral for Murfin, Guiteau Diary, 3/23/1898; Millard & son brought Guiteau Portland Journal with news of war with Spain, Guiteau Diary, 3/27/1898; discourages Guiteau from running lower Klutina Rapids, 3/3/98; Philo goes with Millard to look for trail across bend in Copper River, 6/11/98; Cf. Also: 5/2/98; 5/4/98; A. Powell, Trailing. p. 77 ff; Gets map of copper belt from departing miner and joins McClellan’s party, Millard,TVN, , 1: 7. 4/20/01; Conger, “The Millard party camped here Jan. 27th. Junction of Tanada Cr. and Copper River, 3/9/98, Conger, p. 207; Oscar Rohn reports McClellan, Amy and Millard got through Keystone Canyon before Rice, Young, Donwey & Holman parties did on June 19th and are building trail at Tsaina when they catch up.meets McClellan, Amy, Millard & others on Tsaina, Abercrombie 1900, p. 113; Millard arrives in Copper Center from cutting his trail, Hazelet Diary, 9/11/98; Rohn travels with Millard and Warner up Kotsena to copper area, Abercrombie 1900, p. 114; Pearson arrives at his camp, April 22, 1899, Pearson. CS1, p187; QCMDR, , 1899, Co-locators, Millard and McNeer, June 27, 1899;


In Valdez between 6/11/1900-6/26/1900, C1900;


The Chittyna Exploration Co. Vice President Millard has Returned from Eastern Cities. What is Needed to secure a railroad from Valdez to the Interior. Country will be examined. (came to Alaska in ’98; half-owner and manager of Chippewa Alaska Mining Co. of Wisconsin; interests on the Tanana and Chisna).The Valdez News. Valdez, 1:5. 4/06/01; Hazelet happy Millard wins election but does not say which election, Hazelet Diary, April 9, 1901; left on Bertha with son for Seattle, San Francisco, and possibly eastern cities, The Valdez News. 1:31. 10/5/01;