McNeer, Arthur H.

McNeer, Arthur H.


Arrives in Alaska, March 1898, C1900; Partner quits; Hazelet & Meals let join them, Hazelet Diary, 5/14/98; 6/26/98; and throughout diary; Had been at Copper Center in 1898; left Copper Center with Bowen to make short trip to Valdez to get 2 horses Millard is bringing up, takes a sick man over the glacier on his way to Valdez, 3/19/99; spent winter with Meals & Hazelet in 1898, Hazelet Diary. 2/2/1900; joins Rohn on trip to Summit of Mt. Blackburn and down river, Abercrombie 1900, p. 119-129ff; QCMDR, 1899, Co-locators, Millard and McNeer, June 27, 1899; Notice of Location July 8, 1899 for West Virginia Claim gives longitude as determined by U. S. Exploring Party from Cook Inlet on July 22, 1899, ML, Bk.3 (Bks.J&F), p. 191;


McNeer, Arthur H. Went over Glacier in 1900 to Chesna with Hazelet and Meals. The Copper River Valley. . .The Valdez News, 1:1. 3/06/01; Arrives in Valdez on Excelsior with Hazelet party, Dates, 1900. Hazelet Diary. Feb. 2, 1900; works with Hazelet opening up Gov. trail through Keystone Canyon & over pass, Hazelet’s Diary, March 14, 1900; With partners (11), Meals and Hazelet parties along Copper River Trail between 6/28/1900-10/1/1900, C1900; Hazelet makes arrangement to dump on his ground & give % of the gold, Hazelet Diary, Sept. 28, 1900; Ben Booher’s Diary says not in Chisna Mining & Development Party but helped party, age 23, weight 160; Witness to H.J. Watkins “Old Virginia” Placer Claim, Chisna MD, located 9/27/1900, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 201; Witness for G. McNeer;s “Rose Bud” Placer claim next to Virginia Claim, Chisna MD, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 202;


Meets Hazelet when he arrives in Valdez, Hazelet Diary, April 9, 1901;Appointed first post master at Chisna. The Valdez News: 1:11. 5/18/01 and 1:16. 6/22/01; Arrived Valdez, will spend part of winter in Valdez, The Valdez News. 1:28. 9/14/01;