Hosford, O.J.

Hosford, O.J.


Passenger on steamer Alliance, departing Seattle 1/3/98. Seattle P-I, 1/4/98; Arrived in Alaska, Jan. 1898, C1900; Bourke says wife crossed Glacier in 1898, B S, p. 44.


Started across Valdez Glacier, Jan. 10, 1900 — first person of the year. From Diary M. Dempsey, 1900. Crary Scrapbook, Vol. 1.# 199; Signed Notice on 4/10/1900 calling for a Miner’s Meeting at Camp Moose (located about one mile from Chestinchena River on Chisna Creek), on noon April 20th, 1900, to form the Chisna Mining District, along with J.A. Burke, R. T. Herron, W.H. Crary, R. Coles, C.H. Winanas, M.D., Chas. Sandberg, O.J. Hosford, D.B. Leavell, W.H. Robson, D. Park Griswald, J.G. Simpson, H. Krammer, John Mueller, S.R. Means, Chas. Olson, H. Miller, H.E.F. King, B.E. Skinner, W.J. Aniker, Archie Parks, p. 11, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Location notice for “May Belle,” about one mile above the Discovery Claim on Chisna River, 4/13/1900, witnesses Blix and Dempsey, p. 72, Chisna MD Records, 1900; Location Notice for unnamed claim, 4/18/1900, p. 81, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Location notice for S.E. Hosford by power of her attorney, “Muggins” claim, 5/3/1900, p. 90, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Power of attorney from Mrs. S.E. Hosford, p. 251, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Location notice by Hosford, Griswold, Mayman and Anacker for “Ruby” claim No. 3 above Discovery, 7/14/1900, p. 280, Chisna MD.Records, 1900;


Hosford party on Klutina due in Copper Center shortly. The Valdez News, 1:7. 4/20/01, p. 1; Donated to new City Hall, The Valdez News. 1:12. 5/25/01. Donates to Chamber’s Glacier Creek diversion fund, The Valdez News, 1:16. 6/25/01; Arrives in Valdez from interior, The Valdez News. 1:30. 9/28/01, p. 4; Joins Fire Department, The Valdez News, 1:33. 10/19/01, p. 1; At Arctic Brotherhood meeting, The Valdez News, 1: 33, 10/19/01. p. 4;


Indenture made March 12, 1902 between Dempsey, James Fish, and O.J. Hosford (Trustees for the Endeavor Congregational Church and the Congregational Church Building Society (New York), indebtedness of $400 for construction of the parsonage, terms of repayment, Book A of Mortgages, pp. 96-98; Second indenture for $500 to Congregational Church Building Society, pp. 101-103;