Heidorn, W.B.

Heidorn, W.B.

Pre 1898

Arrived in Alaska, April 1896, C1900; At 1897 Miners Meeting. 6/11/1897. Mining Locations. PWS Mining District, from June 11, 1897 to April 17, 1901, p. 1; “Bonanza,” “Chenega,” “Bullion,” “Eagle” lode claims located 7/7/1897 by W. Ripstein, M.O. Gladhaugh, A.K. Beatson, W.B. Heidorn, Peter Jackson and W.E. Hunt; and the “Alaska Chief,” and “Big” Bonanza No. 2” lode claims located 7/13/1897 by same men as above and also recorded in PWSRD (reference from Beatson’s sale of his 1/6th interest on 1/25/1900, PWSMDR, Bk 3, p. 56;


Gives power of attorney to William E. Hunt, 1899. PWSMDR, Book 2, 1898-1900. p. 170; Location notice on Latouche Island: Ripstein, Beatson, Beyer, Gladhough, Heidorn, &W.E. Hunt, PWSMDR, Book 2, May, 1898; p. 16; Hunt, Mills, Smith & Heidorn sell Latouche claims to O. J. Humphrey, for $10,000. Sept. 14, 1898, Filed for record, Feb. 20, 1899; ML, Bk G. pp. 701-704;


In Valdez between 6/11/1900-6/26/1900, C1900;


Prop. of The Pioneer, Ellamar. Furnished rooms for the Transient Trade. Wines, Liquors. Ad. The Valdez News. 1:24. 8/17/01, p. 3;


Accused of selling property at Orca he didn’t own then rowing to Orca and catching the Newport south. The Valdez News. 2:10, 5/217/02, p. 4;