Gillett, William L.

Gillett, William L.


VMDR, , p. 33, 46, 115, 118; Elected Chairman of first Valdez Mining District Meeting, March 12, 1898. VMDR, ; Witnesses claim filed April 16, 1898 in VMDR; Location notice for Jack Pot Bay with Henry Weir, PWSMDR, Book 2, p. 179; Files claim at Latouche, August 1899. ML, Bk. 2, cf. pp. 257-269; Deed: For $500 gold coin William Gellett sells to H.N. Humphrey sells 1/2 interest “in the following named Quartz claims belonging to the america Group of mines and situated on La Tush [Latouche] Island,” includes: “Tip Top,” Samon (salmon) berry,” “Ocean Wave,” “Whale,” recoreded in Book 2.2.2, page 268, 26202630261 at records office in Virgin Bay.” Valdez MDR, p. 162;


Receives $500 from H.N. Humphrey for the following quartz claims on Latouche I belonging to the American Group, “Tip Top,” Samon Berry”, and the “Whale,” recorded in Book 2.2.2. page 268, 262, 263. 261, of PWSMDR, Valdez MDR, p. 162;


Arrives Valdez from Latouche. The Valdez News. 1:28. 9/14/01, p. 4;