Beyer, WIlliam Carl Luckner

Beyer, WIlliam Carl Luckner

Pre 1898

Arrived in Alaska 1889; fur trader at Chenega; first came to Valdez in 1892 bear hunting with Lew Brown and Jack Shephard. Anon. Researcher, Valdez Museum Collection; Had cabin at head of Port Valdez near later site of Hangtown before 1898. Lethcoe, PWS History. p. 44. Located Olga Mine at Latouche in 1897 but did not record; relocated by C.H. Lind and recorded in 1899. Mining Locations. Book 2. 1898-1900. p. 62.


Chairman of first citizen’s meeting to organize a town in Port Valdez, April 23, 1898. Minutes, CS1; Location Notice for Blue Rock Mine #1, #2 on Herring Bay, Knight I, 3/28/98, PWSMDR, Bk. 1, p. 43-44; Recorded lot, 5/10/1898, V-Lot, Index , p.12; Location notice on Latouche Island: Ripstein, Beatson, Beyer, Gladhough, Heidorn, &W.E. Hunt, PWSMD, Bk. 2, May, 1898, p. 16;

Additional Information

Obtained permit for fox farm on Fairmount Island in 1918 with Davis, USFS Chugach National Forest, 1919.