Realism to Abstraction: Views of Alaska

Realism to Abstraction: Views of Alaska

Date(s) - 09/29/2023 - 12/16/2023
12:00 am


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September 29 – December 16 2023

Come visit the Valdez Museum & Historical Archive main gallery to see Lisa Rogers-Peter’s stunning exhibit “Realism to Abstraction: Views of Alaska”.


Lisa Rogers-Peter’s paintings of Alaska pay tribute to the beautiful place she has called home for more than 70 years. She uses each painting experience to push her ideas forward, moving from realism to abstraction. Her transition from realism to abstraction is a testament to her fearless determination to explore new artistic ideas and continuously improve. It’s truly inspiring to witness how her deep love and admiration for Alaska has been masterfully translated into breathtaking works of art. Lisa’s artwork beautifully depicts the natural wonders of her beloved homeland. It’s no surprise that Lisa’s art has gained recognition and acclaim over the years. Her unique style and expert use of color and texture make her paintings truly stand out. But what I find most inspiring about Lisa is her unwavering commitment to her roots and her desire to share the beauty of Alaska with the world.


For more information contact: Faith Revell, Interim Director 907.835.2764