Building Committee Meeting 03.12.15

Building Committee Meeting 03.12.15

  1. Call to Order/Roll Call

    Mrs. Relay called the meeting to order at 5:33 p.m.
    Members present: John Hozey, Tom McAlister, Julie Farrell (Phone), Lisa Von Bargen (Phone), and Dick Smith (Phone).
    Members excused: Michelle Cullen, Emmie Swanson, and Faith Revell
    Members unexcused: None
    Staff present: Patricia Relay, Andrew Goldstein, and Brittany Cabello

  2. Introduction of Guests

    Larry Reynolds

  3. Public Business from the Floor

    Mr. Reynolds made a presentation on a potential land deal that he believes is the best place for new Museum facility. Commonly known as the vacant 3 Bears lot on Egan Drive, Mr. Reynolds offered the property for the sale price of $260,000. Reynolds also stated that he would donate the fish, the concrete, the foundation, the engineer plans and the land transaction to the Valdez Museum. Ms. Von Bargen thanked Mr. Reynolds for the presentation and stated that at this point of the discussion the committee is focused on developing a Master Interpretive Plan to determine the overall scope of the project and that we are not ready for site identification yet. Mrs. Relay asked if there was an offer expiration date. Mr. Reynolds stated that there was none. Ms. Von Bargen requested that Mr. Reynolds submit a formal proposal in writing that includes any offer expiration information. Mr. Reynolds stated that he would be happy to do so..

  4. Committee Chair Report


  5. Old Business


  6. New Business

    a. Stake Holder Influence Matrix: Ms. Von Bargen initiated the discussion by finding commonalities in the submitted matrices that she has already received. Based on her findings, she stated that the logical place to start would be with the quadrants of More Influence and More Impacted. The Committee agreed that section included: the City of Valdez Administration, the Valdez City Council, the Museum Board, Staff, and Members. Community advisors, such as teachers, historians, artists, and “Old Towners” were considered to be more impacted and somewhat influential. Local businesses, public and private school groups and tourists were more impacted but less influential. The Visitor Industry, represented by a VCVB spokesperson, as well as local Military were determined to be less impacted and have more influence. The Valdez Native Tribe was determined to be less impacted and somewhat influential. Finally, regional museum organizations and non-museum members that do not fit into any other category were determined to be less impacted and less influential. Ms. Von Bargen conveyed that she would report out at the next scheduled meeting on how best to utilize the findings of the committee.

    b. Draft RFP for master Interpretive Planning consultant: Ms. Von Bargen requested that the committee members review the draft RFP for Facility Planning Services that Mr. Goldstein prepared and provide comments to Mrs. Relay with in two week. At which time Mr. Goldstein will compile the comments and integrate them into the working draft for the committee to review at our April 9, 2015 meeting
    c. Next Step: Differed to future meeting.
    d. Timeline for Pre Development Planning: Differed to future meeting.
  7. Committee Business from the Floor


  8. Next Meeting

    Building Committee meetings recur monthly on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Valdez Museum, 5:30 pm. Unless otherwise posted, April 9, 2015

  9. Adjournment

    Motion: With no further business before the Committee, Mr. Hozey moved to adjourn the Committee meeting, Mr. Smith seconded. Discussion: None. Vote: All members present in favor, none opposed. Mrs. Relay adjourned the meeting at 6:29 p.m.