Building Committee Meeting 02.12.15

Building Committee Meeting 02.12.15

  1. Call to Order/Roll Call

    Mrs. Relay called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.
    Members present: Julie Farrell, Lisa Von Bargen, Emmie Swanson, John Hozey, and Dick Smith (via phone)
    Members excused: Michelle Cullen and Tom McAlister
    Members unexcused: None
    Staff present: Patricia Relay, Andrew Goldstein, Faith Revell, and Brittany Cabello

  2. Purpose of Meeting

    Mrs. Relay welcomed all for attending and invited attendees to go around the table to introduce themselves and to share a little about what they thought their role on the committee would be. After introductions were completed, Relay outlined the goals of the meeting. As this was the first meeting of the Building Committee, overall this was an organizational meeting to review the Committee’s job description, to appoint a Committee Chair and to discuss the Pre Planning process.

  3. Committee Job Description / Committee Chair

    What is Pre Planning? Mrs. Relay shared a handout on planning for capital projects. This was a webinar that she and Mrs. Cullen attended last fall. Relay drew the attention of the Committee to the sections that focus on the Pre Development phase of the project. Mr. Goldstein questioned a graph that visually depicts the Benefits of Pre Development. Ms. Von Bargen shared that the graph indicates that the Pre Development stage is where the biggest changes occur and as the process continues, fewer changes are feasible.

    Mrs. Relay conveyed that, for museum, this is a time to craft a solid Master Interpretive Plan. This is a round map to the entire visitor experience. It is a time for visioning and clearly articulating the Museum’s program of work. Mr. Hozey compared this plan to the Middle School Project whereby that project started with an Education Specification Plan. Ms. Von Bargen inquired if Museum staff were qualified for engaging in this planning process and if not, if there were funds to hire an outside consultant. Mrs. Relay reported that indeed the Museum staff is qualified, but if staff were tasked with the Master Interpretive Planning process there would be no time for staff to complete the Museum’s mission driven programs. Mrs. Relay then queried Mr. Hozey about the $15,000 that the Council approved last summer. Relay wondered if those funds are still available. Ms. Von Bargen interjected and stated that those funds are still in the Council’s reserve fund. Mr. Hozey conveyed as long as the Museum would agree to match those funds then the City would agree to release them. Mrs. Relay reported that the Museum Board is scheduled to adopt an amended 2015 operating budget that releases $15,000 from reserve funds to meet that match. All agreed to the recruitment of a Master Interpretive Planning consultant. Ms. Von Bargen stated that since this project includes the City as the primary partner, a RFP should be sent out to qualified firms. Mr. Goldstein agreed to draft a proposed RFP for the committee to review at the next meeting

  4. Moving Forward

    Further discussion was made on the importance of this Committee’s transparency to the community. Mr. Hozey and Ms. Von Bargen inquired about what the process would be for engaging the community? Mrs. Relay and Mrs. Cabello stated that the Museum website would include a page on the Museum’s website dedicated to activities of the committee. The page could then be linked to the City’s website. Both Hozey and Von Bargen wanted to be sure that the Committee’s meetings were publicized well in advance with an Agenda that includes an opportunity to public comments. Ms. Revell was concerned that Public comments are premature. Hozey stated that the public could be in the audience but would not be members of the committee. Relay stated that publicizing the meeting in advance would be no trouble and including Public Appearance on the agenda will be included.

    Ms. Von Bargen Suggested the following items for the next meeting.

    a. Stakeholder identification
    b. Timeline development
    c. RFP for Master Interpretive Planning consultant review.

  5. Next Meeting

    Building Committee meetings recur monthly on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Valdez Museum, 5:30 pm. Unless otherwise posted, March 12, 2015

  6. Adjournment

    Motion: With no further business before the Committee, Mrs. Relay adjourned the meeting at 6:38 p.m.