Seed Media Pairs with the Valdez Museum to Digitalize Film Archives

Seed Media Pairs with the Valdez Museum to Digitalize Film Archives


Seed Media Pairs with the Valdez Museum to Digitalize Film Archives

Valdez, Alaska, May 7, 2018 – The Valdez Museum’s historical collections contain about 200 moving image items. They cover a variety of media formats that range from 8mm, 16mm and 35mm films, VHS and Beta max videotapes, to audio cassettes and DVD’s. But as technology changes, the ability to view these formats without digitalization becomes limited. Seed Media, a multi-media production company in Valdez, is helping to bridge the technology gap so the Museum can grow its “virtual” presence and make its collections more accessible to a broader audience.

By digitizing our collection of 16mm films Seed Media has made them viewable to museum visitors and researchers tracing the history of our region. Some highlights of this collection are footage of the lengthy and often grueling Trans-Alaska Pipeline construction process, post-Good Friday Earthquake surveys and documentaries of the quake’s aftermath and recordings of community events through the decades. It also includes some commercial documentaries about Valdez produced from the 1970s to the 90s. By donating their time converting a portion of our film archive into digital format Seed Media has helped the Museum showcase this valuable collection online.

Co-Owner, Thomas Tapp, commented: “Seed Media is a group of passionate–creative people that connect people to people through creativity and technology, inspiring growth. This project is in line with who we are and what we do.  While we capture the present, our history is important to preserve for future generations.”

Each year the Museum receives more than $20,000 annually in the form of in-kind contributions. They include tangible goods plus a variety of professional services. These donations are made by corporations, small businesses, individuals, professionals and tradespeople. The generosity of donors like Seed Media support our mission to provide meaningful programs and services to Valdez, the Copper River Basin and Prince William Sound.


The Valdez Museum & Historical Archive extends warm and heartfelt thanks to Seed Media for helping us expand our online presence.


Contact: Executive Director Patricia Relay                                                         

Tel. 907-835-2764


Date: 5/7/2018