New Museum Project Outreach

The architectural team of Wolf/Hennebery-Eddy has completed conceptual designs for our proposed new museum facility and the project budget has been determined. This allow us to extend our public outreach and ramp up fundraising efforts. The designs, now on display in the Valdez Museum on Egan, are part of our mission to educate the community and our many visitors about the New Museum Project. All are invited to offer comments and suggestions, such as this one from a recent museum visitor:

“As tourists visiting Valdez we really like the concept of the museum. The new museum would be at the top of our list to visit!”

We are proud to announce the completion of our new VMHA Fundraising Booklet–click here to download. This 9-page booklet offers a concise Case Statement about the Museum’s needs and solutions; the architect’s interior and exterior conceptual design drawings of the proposed new building; a breakdown of the $25,000,000 Project Budget and detailed information on Major Gifts and Recognition Opportunities.

To view conceptual building designs and stay current on the New Museum Project please visit our website,

For more information contact:

Executive Director Patricia Relay                                                

Tel. 907-835-2764, Email: