Museum Planning Begins

Museum Planning Begins

Museum Planning Begins

Valdez, Alaska July 28, 2015 – On Thursday, July 23, the Board of Directors of the Valdez Museum and Historical Archive entered into a contract with the Portland, Oregon firm of Alchemy of Design to assist with the commencement of a Master Interpretive Plan. The Master Interpretive Plan (MIP) is the first step in the pre-planning process that will guide the Valdez Museum’s future. The MIP will help to define the museum’s interpretive needs, which will then determine the feasibility of building a new facility, or refurbishing and/or expanding an existing building.

The MIP development team will meet with Valdez Museum Board and Staff, and community stakeholders on Monday, August 17, 2015 and Tuesday, August 18, 2015. Alchemy of Design and Valdez Museum staff will meet with members of the public to determine audience needs and wants for a new or expanded museum facility, identify the museum’s strengths and weaknesses, and identify key messages to be explored within the museum’s exhibits and public programs.

MIP project manager Alan Ransenberg, says, “The Alchemy of Design is honored to be part of the process to build a new museum and cultural hub for the community. Our work in Valdez the past 3 years gives us valuable insight into the community. Our team is very excited to begin the journey with the museum, the city and most importantly the visitor.” Ransenberg’s firm has prior experience with the community as exhibit developers for the Valdez Museum’s recent upgrade to its exhibit, A Moving Experience: A Look Back at the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake, unveiled last year in commemoration of the earthquake’s 50-year anniversary. More recently, the firm helped to complete a survey of the museum’s collection storage needs, a document that will further help to identify space needs for preservation of the community’s historic treasures.

All members of the public are invited to participate in the public meetings; call 907-835-2764 for details.

About the Valdez Museum:

The Valdez Museum & Historical Archive is an active place. We bring the stories of our community’s history alive through our programs and activities. Please come visit us at our two locations: The Valdez Museum in the heart of downtown at 217 Egan Drive and the Remembering Old Valdez Exhibit on the waterfront at 436 S. Hazelet.

Contact: Patricia Relay – Tel: 907 835 2764 Email: