Sandberg, Charles

Sandberg, Charles


Passenger on steam schooner Noyo, departing Seattle for Copper River ports with a few passengers for Juneau and Skagway, Seattle P-I, 3/16/98; Arrived in Alaska, March 1898, C1900;


Met Dempsey at Chisna, April 19, 1900. From Diary M. Dempsey, 1900. Crary Scrapbook, Vol. 1.# 199; Along Copper River Trail between 6/28/1900-10/1/1900, C1900;


Partner in Sandburg & H. Miller claim, 2nd one from mouth of Slate Creek; working 15 men, two shifts, nineteen sluice boxes;one of the best claims – about $50 to the man is being taken out; The Valdez News, 1:21. 7/27/01; Sandberg and Henry Miller arrived in Valdez from Slate Creek; claim yielded $15,000 this summer; leaving on for states, return in January. The Valdez News. 1:27. 9/07/01, p. 4; lives in Chicago, dep. on Excelsior,The Valdez News. 1:28. 9/14/01;