Rothkranz, Louis.

Rothkranz, Louis.


Stranded on rock in middle of Devil’s Elbow on Klutina, Golden Cross?, p. 44; 124-127; Courier for the government in 1899 along military road, Babcock tells story of Rothkranz’s search for him, Babcock in Abercrombie 1900, p. 77-79; Story also in Golden Cross? Charter member of the Order of Alaska Moose, 1899. TVN, 1:40. 12/7/01. p. 3;


Locator, Canyon Placer Claim, 7/15/1900, Chisna MDR.


Arrived Valdez via “hazardous & exciting trip down the Copper River in a small boat to Orca.” TVN, 1:32. 10/12/01. p. 4;