Kraemer, Charles H.

Kraemer, Charles H.


Arrived in Alaska, March 1898, C1900; List of prospectors crossing Valdez Glacier, May 29, 1898, Crary Diary, p. 5; With Mark Pollock, Charles Swanson, gave Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s party for people at foot of Klutena Lake, Golden Cross? p. 80-82; with Count von Ciple, Matt Matson, Shuman and others to Mt. Wrangell, Golden Cross? p. 111;


Started over government trail to Chisna with Beck and Leavell, Feb. 26, 1900. From Diary M. Dempsey, 1900. Crary Scrapbook, Vol. 1.# 199; Along Copper River Trail between 6/28/1900-10/1/1900, C1900; Witnesses J. Miller’s claims at Miller’s Gulch and Slate Creek, 7/20/1900, VMDR, 1900, p. 245; Location Notice: “The Discovery” on Slate Creek, discovered and located 6/20/1900, by: D.B. Lavell, C.H. Kramer, Jack Beck, Robt. Coles, B. McDowall, Sam Taylor, Jim Manker, J.B. Newcomb, J. Jacobson, J. Miller, filed 9/6/1900, VMDR, 1900, p. 54; Witnesses S.V. Taylor’s “Irish Placer Claim,” on Chesna River with Jack Beck, located 4/13/1900, VMDR, 1900, p. 235; Witness to Leavell’s “Goat Line Placer Claim,”on Miller Gulch tributary to Slate Creek,VMDR, 1900, p. 56; Location Notice: filed “Cheer Up Placer Claim,” with Leavell, on Slate Creek, 9/7/1900, witness, B. McDowell, VMDR, 1900, p. 56-57; Witness to B. Hurd’s “Billy Placer Claim,” on Miller Gulch, VMDR, 1900, p. 57; Witness to C.B. Hurd’s “The Flower Bed,” claim on the divide between the Slate Creek and Chisna River, bordering on the west by the Burke, Crary and Simpsons claim on the east by Jacobson, north by Hummer and Standard Claims, discovered and located, 6/25/1900, witnesses Kraemer and Leavell, filed 9/7/1900, VMDR, 1900, p. 58; Witness to St. Anne Placer Claim, VMDR, 1900, p. 75; Location notices for “Snow” and “Peona” placer claims in Miller Gulch, VMDR, 1900, p. 80-81; Signed Notice on 4/10/1900 calling for a Miner’s Meeting at Camp Moose (located about one mile from Chestinchena River on Chisna Creek), on noon April 20th, 1900, to form the Chisna Mining District, along with J.A. Burke, R. T. Herron, W.H. Crary, R. Coles, C.H. Winanas, M.D., Chas. Sandberg, O.J. Hosford, D.B. Leavell, W.H. Robson, D. Park Griswald, J.G. Simpson, H. Krammer, John Mueller, S.R. Means, Chas. Olson, H. Miller, H.E.F. King, B.E. Skinner, W.J. Aniker, Archie Parks, p. 11, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Name appears as officer or committee person in minutes of the Miner’s Meeting 4/20/1900 at Moose Camp: J. Burke (Chair), Kraemer (secretary), M. Dempsey (Recorder), B.E. Skinner, F. Date, R.T. Heron, W.J. Aniker, Jas. B. Newcomb, A.D.. McDowell, T. M. Dautton, W.H. Crary; approved size and by-laws of district, passed Resolution: against the “lavish and indiscriminate use of Powers-of-Attorney, but that those representing partners in the Territory of Alaska and locating claims for them shall not be considered guilty of such use.” (Directed against Hazelet party), resolution to be “posted in conspicuous places;” appointed committee of 5 (names not given) to settle minor disputes until the next meeting, 4/21/1900, p. 11-13, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Location notice of “Lena Placer Claim,” on Chisna River, 4/13/1900, witnesses Jack Miller, Darsey Leavell, p. 34, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Location notice for “Swan,” Slate Creek, 6/20/1900, p. 138, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Location notice for unnamed claim on Middle Fork of the Chistochina River, 5/31/1900, p. 166, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; See notice of protest against signers of “Discovery” claim on Slate Creek by Herbert Spencer Gray, 7/28/1900, p. 180, Chisna MD.Records, 1900;


Kraemer & Hemple above Miller and adjoining Dorsey Levell claim worked together, 25 lbs. taken by July 1901; at one run of 18 hours, 4 men took 43 oz.; 18 men working taking average of 3 oz; paying highest wages – $15 a day.The Valdez News, 1:21. 7/27/01; Arrived in Valdez from Slate Creek, Sept. 20, 1901. The Valdez News. 1:29. 9/21/01, p. 4.

Additional Information

Valdez Light & Telephone Co., Signed Petition to Lift (Gambling, etc.) Restrictions on Valdez businesses, March 6, 1907. Crary Scrapbook, Vol. 1; single in 1900 (1900C);