Kain, Dan S.

Kain, Dan S.


Arrived in Alaska, March 1898, C1900; Locator, QCMDR, 1898, p. 13; Notice of amended location 6/26/1899 by Sweeny, W. Williams, Ohlhausen, O. Peterson, Malmgren, J. Williams, Henry, C. Johnson, Pollard, Kain, Hamlen, Ward, Sender, Bush, Onstad, J. H. Smith, McCormick, QCMDR, p. 108; Locator, 9/22/1899, p. 155; Co-locators – Kain, Amy, McClellan, Sweeny, 7/5/1899, QCMDR, p. 160; witness for C. Swanson, QCMDR, p. 162; Recorder, UKMDR, October 1898, p. 43; Unanimously elected Recorder for claims on Tonsina, Dooley Diary, 11/22/98; Locator, UKMDR, October 1898, p. 49; Witness for E. Gates, 3/24/1899, UKMDR, October 1898, p. 157; Groo reports arrival at Tiekel, Groo Diary, 3/6/99; 3/12/99; Groo party drew lots for claims on Vaber Gulch off Konsina with Kain outfit, 3/13/99; more claims in Sam’s Gulch, 3/24/99; “10 men from Valdez stopped at Co. City — Dan Kain, Brown, McClellan, Bates, Hamlin, McCormack, Fitch, Leverose, Amy, and Senders,” Dooley Diary, 5/20/99; Signer of Petition to the President from Quartz Creek and Teikell Mining Dist, May 8, 1899 requesting Capt. Abercrombie be given “permission to employ [on the trail to interior Alaska] those men who need work, and thus enable them to remain in the country. With a good trail those who have means will be able to bring in machinery, and the development of the country will be accelerated.” NARA RG 107, Entry 80. Office of the Secretary of the War Department: 1667-103;


In Valdez between 6/11/1900-6/26/1900, C1900; Location notices by Warner, J.H. Smith and D.S. Kain for “Mammoth,” “Bonanza,” located 7/22/1900, (p. 145), “Jumbo No. 1”,, “Jumbo No. 2,” (p.147), located 7/26/1900, all above Porphy Mountain on east side of Kennecott Glacier,Valdez MDR, pp. 145, 147; Location Notice for “The Atlantic,” by Warner, Smith and Kain, located 8/24/1900, on east side of Kennecott Gl. “where lime contact dips under glacier,” Valdez MDR, p. 151; Location notices by Warner, Smith and Kain, for “National,” ( p. 152), “The Excelsior,” ( p. 153), “Amazon,” (p. 156, all above Porphy Mt.), “Pacific,” (p. 157, “where lime contact dips under Kennecott glacier,”), Valdez MDR, pp. 152-157; Location notices by Warner, Gates, Kain, Smith ) for “The Libetry,” (p. 152, “situated about 1 mi. below the Nicolai Mine,” located 7/4/1900), “The Idaho,” (p. 153, “situated on small creek just above Canyon opposite McCarthy’s cabin,” located, 6/12/1900), “The Monarch,” (p. 154, sitiuated on the Nazina, Located 7/15/1900), “Oregonian,” (p. 155 “opposite McCarthy’s cabin on Chittenah,” located 6/12/1900), “Pittsburg,” (p. 156, “first large gulch below H[orse]. Trail,” located 6/4/1900), “Meattetta,” (p. 159, “situated on the 2nd gulch below Sereluah about 15 miles from the Chittnah by Trail,” located 5/7/1900), “Odunah,” (p. 160, “situated on the Kuskulina about 3 miles below gulch on which the Horse Trail goes up,” located 6/4/1900, Valdez MDR; Location notice for “St. Paul,” “situated on Mineral Creek a branch of the Tonsina about 5 miles from Summit Lake,” located 8/30,1900, Valdez MDR, p. 154; Location notice for “Tenahoatua,” located 9/3/1900 “at the head of Mineral Creek, a branch of the Tonsina,” Valdez MDR, p. 159; Location Notice: “Meatteta” by C.L. Warner, D.S. Kain, J. Sweeney, J.H. Smith, Chitina MD, 2nd gulch below Sereluah about 15 mi. from Chitina Trail, 5/7/1900, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 159;


Kain mortgages to Stephen Birch for $1000 gold coin his 1/22 undivided interest in the Bonanza group of lode mining claims, Excelsior, National, Independnce Nos. 1,2, Bonanza, Mammoth, Native, Azure, Rouge, Flurry, Jumbo Nos. 1,2, &3, Betvix, Amazon, Bear, Mountian Goat, Muskokah, Minnewash, Princeton, Mesaba, Superior, Erie, Atlantic, Pacific, Kennecott; also the Blue and Green placer mining locations east of Kennecott Glacier and all other claims he may have an interest in because of his membership in the so-called McClellan party, made 10/18/1901 at 6% interest per anum until paid; discharged, 4/19/1906.Book A of Mortgages, pp. 79, repaid, p 463; Location Notice: “Oduuah,: by C.L. Warner, D.S. Kain, J. Sweeney, J.H. Smith, 6/4/1900, on Kuskulina “about 3 miles below gulch on which the Horse Trail goes up,” Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 160;