Hunt, Thomas H.

Hunt, Thomas H.


Arrived in Valdez early in 1898, remained in Valdez prospecting the area. Pathfinder I:7; 5/1920;


Location notice for “Hunt” placer claim, located June 1, 1900, attested by T.D. Hogan, p. 53, Chisna MD Records, 1900; Location notice for “Alfena” (or “Alpena”) claim, 4/17/1900, attested by J. Kaher, E. Maddox, p. 54, Chisna MD Records, 1900; Location notice for “Elizabeth” on Willow Creek (only notice with creek named), no date, filed 6/12/1900, p. 55, Chisna MD Records, 1900; James Garrett sells for $500 all interests in his Chisna mining district claims which he acquired by grubstaking Thos. H. Hunt and E.E. Maddox to George Davison who assumes all responsibilities provided the debts do not exceed $50, 9/29/1900, witnessed by Thomas H. Grant and William Would, Chistochina, No. 2, p. 204; Location notice for ‘Ada” on Chisna River, 7/2/1900, p. 274, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Notice of Protest, for claim on Chisna River, . . “protest against any person, or persons, company or corporation, to occupy th ground . . . destroying notice posts, stakes, or any imporvements made . . . this ground was never located (orclaimed0 by any person, persons, company or corporation as was evidenced by the absence of location notice or boundary stakes.” 4/17/1900, witnesses, E.C. Maddox, J.S. Kaher, p. 177, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Notice of Protest: by Chris Tyosevig against the “Lone Hand” situated on Stock Creek, a tributary of the Chisna River . . . “The reason that the claim was first located on or about June 29th 1900 by M.V. Edwards who at that time held a claim on the said Stock Creek, which according to the laws of the District is not legal. Further for the reason that on or about the 7th day of July 1900, the name of M.V. Edwards was scratched out of the original location notice and the names of Chas. Mayman, and Ed Maddox placed thereon. By reason of the staking of this claim by M.V. Edwards, this claim was covered up and legitimate prospectors were deprived of their just rights. The said M.V. Edwards still holds an interest in said claim. All of which I am prepared to establish before the court. Having located the said claim on the 10th day of July 1900 in good faith and with the intention of developing and working the same, I therefore protest against and warn all persons especially M. V. Edwards, Chas. Mayman, Ed Maddox and Thos. Hunt from entering upon said claim to do any work or take anything therefrom.” 9/5/1900, VMDR, 1900, p. 209; Location notice for “Ada” claim, 7/2/1900, p. 145, Chisna MD.Records, 1900;


Returned to Valdez on Bertha. The Valdez News. 1:8. 4/27/01. p. 3; Donates to Chamber’s Glacier Creek diversion fund, The Valdez News, 1:16. 6/25/01; Voter Roll for Election of July 1, 1901, Crary Scrapbooks, Vol. 1;