Hubbard, Chas. H.

Hubbard, Chas. H.

Pre 1898

Arrived in Alaska, Oct. 1897, C1900;


In Valdez the day after Doc Tanner hanging, sent report to San Francisco Examiner.San Francisco Examiner, in CS2, p. 83; Grubstake agreement for, 6/23/1900. ML, Bk G (H&I), p. 247-251; Remington and others visited Hubbard & Elliot party camped at North Fork of Kotsina, Golden Cross? p. 128; W. F. Norn & C.J. Hubbard witness to Gillett & Weir selling claim to Gerow party for $150, 4/8/98, VMDR, pp. 46-47; Letters, Diary and photographs in University of Alaska, Anchorage, Historical Archives.


In Valdez between 6/11/1900-6/26/1900, C1900;


Sang a Copper River Indian Song at Arctic Brotherhood Smoker. The Valdez News. 1:28. 9/14/01, p. 1.