Gladhaugh, Mikkel O.

Gladhaugh, Mikkel O.

Pre 1898

At 1897 Miners Meeting. 6/11/1897. Mining Locations. PWS Mining District, from June 11, 1897 to April 17, 1901; Located “Gladhaugh Quartz Lode Mining Claim,” lode, April 7, recorded 5/31/97, C. Pederson witness; Copper King adjoins on east end; Book G. pp. 306-307; (Valdez Court Library); Locator of “Mammoth Claim,” for W.E. Hunt & S. J. Mills, filed April 15, 1897, Book G, pp. 308-309; Millsite, pp. 310; Referred to in article on Copper River Area, Seattle P-I, 11/13/97;


Location notice on Latouche Island: Ripstein, Beatson, Beyer, Gladhough, Heidorn, &W.E. Hunt, PWSMDR, May, 1898; Book 2, p. 16; Tom Olson showed Ellamar minesite to him and Peterson, in Valdez 1898. CS1; ; Adjoining Gladhaugh Claim. Location of Quartz Claim, ML, Bk G (H&I), p. 309-309. (Valdez Court Library); Millsite ML, Bk G (H&I), p. 310-311; Title Bond to mining property, Gladhaugh and Beatson,1898. ML, Bk. 2, p. 69; Title Bond for the Eagle Quartz Lode, Poco Quartz Lode, White Horse Quartz Lode and others including millsite to Collins, Prenctice, Lyne and F.G. Lawrence of Ashcroft B.C. for $40,500. ML, Bk G (H&I), 424,ff; Bond for Deed. Gladhaugh sold First West Extension of the Gladhaugh Lode known as the Mammoth to Mills and Hunt. ML, Bk G (H&I), p. 437;


Notice of Forfeiture to Andrew Larson. TVN, 1: 1. 3/06/01. Notice from Donohoe and Esterly to Gladhough Creditors of his decease. TVN. 1:8. 4/27/01. p. 4.