Garrett, Jim.W.

Garrett, Jim.W.


Located Lot 3; Block 18. Glacier back to Plaza; Lot 10: Block 18; Fronting on Keystone. 5/11/1898, recorded 5/19/1898, V-Lot, Index , p. 75; Lot 10: Block 18; Fronting on Keystone.Granted 2nd Valdez townsite lot for woodlot,V-Lot, Index , p. 83; Granted 2nd Valdez townsite lot for woodlot, May 19, 1898. Minutes. CS1; snowblind on glacier, MB-D, 5/4/98; Gumaer and Garrett left Valdez camp trying to find Brookfield’s party, MB-D, 6/3/98; Studt, Heiden, Garrett, and Gardner started to overland over [Keystone] canyon, MB-D 6/9/98; Party headed to interior composed of Lowe, Gumaer, Keller, Tolley, Gardner, Garrett, Hallett, Bence, Kahill, and Bjornstad starts with horses over Valdez Glacier, MB-D, 7/9/98, (note: trip aborted because of conditions on the glacier); Mahlo, Jim [Garrett] and Bence go up to map the [Valdez] glacier, MB-D, 7/25/98; With Capt. Abercrombie’s party leaving Valdez for interior, MB-D, 8/5/98; sent back with Bence and Garrett to continue glacier survey, MB-D 8/8/98; Kahill and Mahlo and party [Bence & Garrett] arrive at the Copper River Camp, MB-D, 8/27/98; Bjornstad, Garrett, Archer, Gardner, Hallett, Koehler, Bence, Kahill, Mahlo, MacFarland in party led by Schrader going from Copper Center to Taral to Valdez, grueling trip, MB-D, 8/29/98 to 10/18/98; Mahlo had bad attack of asthma, almost died, decide to send him down the Copper River by boat with Garrett and Gardner, MB-D, 10/3/98; Powell, Gustafsen, and Garrett arrive in Schrader/Heiden camp headed to take altitude of pass [Thompson ?], MB-D, 10/16/98; Stationed at Amy’s Rapids to help people across river, Golden Cross, p. 61; Stationed at Keystone Canyon to feed all hungry prospectors coming out. Powell, Trailing. pp. 156ff; Orders from Babcock to go to Klutina Valley by dog team and take charge of any property given him by Rice, Orders, 5/3/99, Office of Secr. of War Dept. 1667-70, NARA RG 107, Entry 80; goes with Rice to Klutena Rapids, Rice in Abercrombie 1900, p. 55; in charge of military stores at Lake Klutena, in Rice, Abercrombie 1900, p. 95ff; Powell meets at lake Klutina on Aug. 29, 1899, p. 131, Crary lists name; from Elkhart, Indiana. E.F. Crary, Diary Ms. 6/28/1898, p. 8; Powell hires as assistant scout, 1899. Powell, Trailing. p. 161; also Powell, Abercrombie 1900, p. 131; Gulkhana Indians shared salmon with in 1899, Powell, Trailing. p. 191;


Prospecting Agreement: Garrett pays Jacobson $40 in provisions to go to Chisna District and prospect and locate claims during 1900 season. Jacobson agrees that “all mines and mining interests whatever I may locate or develop shall be equally divided between us,” 1/26/1900, p. 273, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Sells to Henry L. Tully 1/2 interest “in all mines and mining interests located and developed by Jacob A. Jacobson during the season of 1900 while working on my Grub Stake which was filed for record 7/16/1900” (Bk. 1, Chisna Mining District, p. 273), 9/10/1900, p. 69, Valdez, MDR, 1900, p. 68-69; James Garrett sells for $500 all interests in his Chisna mining district claims which he acquired by grubstaking Thos. H. Hunt and E.E. Maddox to George Davison who assumes all responsibilities provided the debts do not exceed $50, 9/29/1900, witnessed by Thomas H. Grant and William Would, Chistochina, No. 2, p. 204; Garrett pays Jacobson to “go the the Chisna river, Alaska and to arrive there on or before April 30, 1900 and to work during the season of 1900 in prospecting and locating mining claims. I further agree that all mineral or mining interest whatever I may locate or develop shall be equally divided between us. . .” agreed Jan. 1900; filed 9/20/1900, Valdez MDR, p. 96-97;


Talley & Garret own claim next to Hurd; have a 300 ft 6″ hose and are “making the dirt fly,” taking out about $18 a day “to the man,”The Valdez News, 1:21. 7/27/01;


Jim Garrett mortgages “the undivided one fourth interest in and to that certain placer mining claim on Millers Gulch in the Chisna Mining district known as “Dumps” or number four (4) above discovery which said claim was located by J.A. Jacobsen on the 4th of July 1900 and recorded on page 165 of vol. 1 of the Mining Records of Valdez Precinct.” for $500 to Hemple on 11/19/1902, no notice of repayment, Book A of Mortgages, p. 162;

Additional Information

Struck it rich, lost money, died around 1908? Powell, Trailing. p. 158;