Busby, W.J.

Busby, W.J.

Pre 1898

Filed 7/13/93 for claim on Middleton Island with Tingle (?), Trasyle (?) Cobum, Com., Greenfield, Bowen, Smith, Ely; Mining Locations. Book G. Parts H&I; Elected Recorder at Middleton Island Miners Meeting. 8/3/1893. Mining Locations. Book G. Parts H&I; Elected Recorder for Prince William Sound Mining District, Mining Locations. 6/11/1897. PWS Mining District, from June 11, 1897 to April 17, 1901;


Located lot in Valde townsite, 4/1898, recorded 5/10/1898, V-Lot, Index , p.11; Secretary first meeting of citizens to organize town of Valdez, 4/23/1898. Minutes, CS1; Town meeting in his tent, May 10, 1898. 4/23/1898. Minutes, CS1; Attended April 26, May 10, May 11, May 13, June 17, Minutes, CS1; Turns over books to Townsite Committee 5/13/1989. Minutes, CS1; Elected to subcommittee to investigate claims, 5/13/1898. Minutes, CS1; Elected Recorder at Meeting on Bligh island 6/11/1898 for PWSMD. PWSMDR. Bk. 2., p. 1; Messer describes Seattle after the boom–much quieter, but merchants still looking for angles. discusses the unsuccessful season that most had in the Klondike. A.E. [sic] Busby, recorder of the district with headquarters at Valdes, says he has been in Alaska since 1888 and at Valdes since 1895, and never knew of but five white men to cross the glacier. Believed there was copper in the region, but never heard of gold being found. C.J.M. letter in Boston MA Evening Transcript, 9/17/98;


Elected Recorder for the PWS Mining District, 6/11/1900, p. 65, PWSMDR, Bk. 3;


At Virgin Bay, came to Valdez to marry Miss Mary McGinnis, The Valdez News. 1:25. 8/24/01;