Powell, Addison M.

Powell, Addison M.


Arrives with Abercrombie’s survey party at Klutena Lake Camp (?), is a friend of Watson. 8/18/1898. .. Crary, Diary Ms. , p. 12; Capt. Abercrombie, Lynch and Powell left for Mentasta Lake area, MB-D, 8/23/98; Capt. [Abercrombie], [Addison] Powell, and Sam [Lynch] came down Copper River on boat, met Schrader party, gave them provisions, MB-D, 9/29/98; Powell, Gustafsen, and Garrett arrive in Schrader/Heiden camp headed to take altitude of pass [Thompson ?], MB-D, 10/16/98; Arrives back in Valdez, MB-D, 10/22/98; Gives Valdez Township Committee information on townsites, hired to survey town and make a plat. Oct. 29, 1898. Minutes. CS1; Subscription to pay his expenses to Sitka with townsite plat. Minutes, Nov. 11, 1898 CS1; Powell took [townsite] papers to Sitka for filing, Bourke notes, Valdez, 1898. CS1; Government Scout to Alaska Range, 1899, Powell, Trailing. p. 143-185; appointed to committee to look into robbery, Townsite Minutes, 1/17/99; Rice, Wood, Cashman, Weiler meet at Copper Center, 9/2/1899, in Rice, Abercrombie 1900, p. 95ff; also p. 132; earthquake 9/2/1899, p. 132; Witness for P.W. Holmes Location Notice, “Ida” Quartz Claim, “situated on the mountain between two glacier creeks which run southerly into Lowe river, in “Dutch Valley,” 7/16/99, VMDR, p. 143; Location notice by power of attorney for J.W. Ables of Santa Barbara Country, CA for the “Santa Maria” claim on Red Mountain Creek, trib. to Chisna Creek, 9/22/99, recorded 10/24/99, VMDR, p. 158; Location notice by power of attorney for M.C. Bundy of Tipacanoe County, Indiana, CA for the “Aunt Mollie” claim on Red Mountain Creek, trib. to Chisna Creek, 9/22/99, recorded 10/24/99, VMDR, p. 159; Location notice by power of attorney for Joseph A. Morrion, J.W. Ables, H.G. Iliff, James Means (power attorney before S.W. Reede of Kern Country, CA & M. Thomburg of Santa Barbara, CA) for the “Santa maria Mining Company Placer claim on Red Mountain Creek, trib. to Chisna Creek, 9/22/99, recorded 10/24/99, VMDR, p. 158; Location Notices by Fred Date, for “Alta Placer Claim” and on west fork for Chisna Creek, 9/25/99, A.M. Powell, Witness, VMDR, p. 165, “Goodmoor,” p. 166; “Bill” p. 167, “Ava,” p. 168; “Hi-ya,” p. 169;


Valdez and Alaska Moose Society, etc. 1900, Powell, Trailing. p. 180; Attended Church in Valdez with an organ, spring 1900, Powell, Trailing. p. 181; With U.S. Copper River Exploring Expedition, 1900, Powell, Trailing. p. 186 ff; At Chisna, Aug. 5, one of his men wants to go down river with Hazelet, Hazelet Diary, Aug 5, 1900; Mining Location Notice, “St. Anne Placer Claim,” Slate Creek. Located June 22, 1900, recorded June 28th, 1900. Locators: A.M. Powell, W.J. Smith, J.L. Steele, F.M. Dashiell. Witnesses: Fred Date, Chas. Kramer. Chisna R.D. Bk.1, vol. 1, p. 113; Notice of Location for “Ida” claim on divide between Slate Creek and Chistochina Glacier, Discovered & located, July 14th, 1900, Attested by W.A. Powell; Chisna R.D. Bk.1, vol. 1, p. 229; Mining Location Notice, “Powell Lode Ledge” on east side of Slate Creek, joins Dempsey Lode claim on the east, Located July 20, 1900, recorded Aug. 22, 1900, Dempsey is witness, Chisna R.D. Bk.2, p. 21; Mining Location Notice, (no name), located on Lime Creek (both north ad south sides) a tributary to the middle fork of the Chistochina river, discovered July 7, 1900, located Aug. 3, 1900, recorded Oct. 1, 1900; Attested by: J.W. Dashiell, Chisna (Chistochina) R.D. Bk. 2, p. 22;Mining Location Notice, “Eagle Canyon Company Placer Mining Claim,” located on Eagle Canyon Creek a tributary to Mankoman (sp.?, check map) River about 4-1/2 miles north from Mankoman Lake, with Fred Date, Louis Rosenthal, Thad Da Chiel, H.E.F. King, John Steel, Archie park, A.M. Powell, M. Dempsey; witnesses; Archie park and H.E.F. King, Located June 19th, 1900, recorded Oct. 2, 1900, Chisna (Chistochina) R.D. Bk. 2, p. 26; Powell (Valdez, AK) grants power of Attorney to George Dickey, Dec. 14, 1900, Bk. A, p. 147;


Stays at St. Elias Hotel, The Valdez News, 1:32. 10/12/01. p. 4; Left Valdez to do assessment work in Mt. Drum area, The Valdez News, 1: 32, 10/12/01. p. 4; Powell (of Valdez, AK) paid $2,000 to W.J. Smith (Arroyo Grande, CA) for 1/4th interest in the St. Anne Placer Mining Claim (Chesna R.D., Bk. 1, p. 113), Deeds A, p. 424; Location Notice, 20 acres of placer claim on Excelsior Creek a tributary of the Gakona, “Claim No. 1 above Discovery Claim,” Locator. A.M. Powell, Feb. 17, 1901, Discovered, Feb. 16. Filed by George Dickie, attorney in fact, April 1, 1901, Attested by R.S. Condon, Mining Locations, Div. 1, BK. A, p. 34; (Note George Dickie [Dickie] located the Discovry Claim on Feb. 16th on Excelsior Creek and “Ptarmigan Claim, Feb. 19 on east for of Excelsior; W.B. Millard located Claim #2 below Discovery Claim, Feb. 19, pp. 35-36: (Other people making claims at same time include: Powell, H. Burr, W.B. Millard, C.S. Sinclair, S.A. Fletcher, J.C. Kibbie, and A. Johnstone.) ) Location Notice, “Ida Lode Claim,” located “on southern slope of Mt. between Chisna Creek and west fork of Chistochina River . . . and from which the Chisna Post Office bears southerly about two miles distant.” Mining Location District of Alaska, Division 1, Book B(A), p. 198;