Miller, Henry.

Miller, Henry.


Pearson works with Henry Miller, H. Cole, J. Lavioss, Lon Malone, Capt. Lewis, Borden, Rosenthal at lake in Aug. 1898. Pearson, CS1, p. 185;


Along Copper River Trail between 6/28/1900-10/1/1900, C1900;


The Henry Miller claim, 4 men working, taking pound of gold a day, next to Cole-Dempsey claim, on Miller Gulch.The Valdez News, 1:21. 7/27/01; Sandberg and Henry Miller arrived in Valdez from Slate Creek; claim yielded $15,000 this summer; leaving on for states, return in January. The Valdez News. 1:27. 9/07/01; lives in St. Paul, dep. on Excelsior,The Valdez News. 1:28. 9/14/01;