Koon, W.B.

Koon, W.B.


Mgr. The Bohemian Saloon and Club Rooms.The Valdez News. 1:5. 4/06/01.


Anna Barrett filed assault and battery charges against W.B. Koon, Koon escapes from jail, TVN, 2:14, 6/14/02, p. 1; Anna Barrett marries Koon, Koon acquitted, Barrett drops charges, wedding cake given to Mr. and Mrs. Koon by Love & Whitely of the Merchants Cafe, TVN, 2:15, 6/21/02, p. 4;

Additional Information

Sentenced to six months in jail for assault and battery on his wife, the former Anna Barrett (see entry), TVN, 3:41, 12/19/03, p. 6; Located and built Gulkana Roadhouse at junction of Eagle and Fairbanks Trails, C.L. Hoyt operating in winter 1905, TVN, 4:39, 1/31/05, p. 4;