Chugachmiut Heritage Kit: Honoring the Seal

Chugachmiut Heritage Kit: Honoring the Seal

Date(s) - 01/01/2018 - 03/01/2018
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The Valdez Museum on Egan


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On display now, “Honoring the Seal,” a heritage kit that focuses upon the technological, social and spiritual aspects of seal hunting among the Sugpiaq and on loan to the museum through February is on exhibit in the Native Gallery. Prepared by Polly Thiele, Local Education Coordinator, Port Graham, AK, and edited by Hanna Eklund and Bernice B Tetpon, PhD, the kit promotes an enduring understanding of traditional practice for museum visitors and local teachers and school children through thoughtfully crafted curriculum lessons and hands-on activities.

Designed for students in grades K-12, Chugachmiut Heritage Kits are developed to assist educators and community members teach about cultural traditions of the Native people of the Chugach Alaska Region, with the goal of insuring the survival of Sugpiaq/Alutiiq traditions. Heritage kits promote learning and preserving, Sugt’stun, the Sugpiaq/Alutiiq language.

The “seal” heritage kit contains a handbook with K-12 lessons featuring anatomy, hunting, food preparation and more. Preserved seal parts, including processed gut, stomach and tanned seal skin; and a hands-on anatomical seal puppet comprise a part of the kit. Beautifully crafted objects such as a carved bowl by acclaimed Port Graham artist Jim Miller and three delicately sewn gut baskets add to the kit’s authority and provide access for users to authentic items. Visor, dance fan and medicine bag supplies encourage users to create. A video of a Nanwalek seal hunt and an array of books found in the kit support learning. For more information about “Honoring the Seal” or to schedule a field trip to the museum contact Faith Revell at