Museum Annual Report 2018 Now Online

Museum Annual Report 2018 Now Online

Valdez, Alaska, October 22, 2018 – Each October Board and Staff from the Valdez Museum and Historical Archive (VMHA) give an overview of the Museum’s progress and accomplishments over the past year to our corporate members, the Valdez City Council. The VMHA Board of Directors governs the corporation and is accountable to the voting membership, made up of City Council members. The museum membership, in turn, represents the residents of Valdez.

At their October 18, 2018 council members reviewed the Annual Report and listened to presentations by Gary Minish, Board President;  Patricia Relay, Executive Director; Faith Revell, Education and Public Programs and Andrew Goldstein, Collections and Exhibitions. The colorful sixteen-page report which contains a variety of pictures and graphs to support the narrative was praised by council members and Mayor Jeremy O’Neil for being succinct and very readable. In his President’s Message on the opening page of the report Minish emphasizes his belief that the Valdez Museum belongs to the whole community:

“I feel it is important to understand that the Valdez Museum was created for, belongs to and is all about the past, present and future residents of the City of Valdez. The exhibits are only objects but their value is in the stories of the people they represent. I personally feel that an individual’s soul is reflected in their life story and similarly, the collective soul of a city is reflected in the collective stories of its residents.”

 The report contains updates on the Museum’s current financial health plus a 2019 Budget Summary; its cultural and economic impact on the community; collections management; temporary and permanent exhibits; plus education and public programs. Lastly, the Annual Report 2018 recognizes the multitude of volunteers and donors that fuel the Museum’s ability to carry out its mission: To preserve, present and interpret the heritage and culture of Valdez, the Copper River Basin and Prince William Sound, Alaska.

 To read or download a copy of this informative document just click the following link: 2018VMHA Annual Report.