4. Interpretive Panel

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4. Interpretive Panel: U.S. Post Office and Earthquake Victims Memorial (parking)

Built in 1962, this Kennedy-era red brick and glass block simple rectangular structure and the second Old Town post office, didn’t show signs of damage caused by fissures during the 1964 Earthquake due to its design and incorporation of a heavily-reinforced concrete pad. Some uneven settlement appears to have taken place however. The foundation remains and supports a memorial to the thirty-two residents of Valdez, four National Guardsmen who came to the town’s aid, and Chenega villagers, who died March 27, 1964.

Four successive waves advanced into Old Town after the earthquake. The fourth and final wave brought water one third of the way into town to a depth of two feet near Hobart Street where the post office sits. A new post office was built in New Valdez.

Transported via air and truck, the mail and newspapers arrived daily in Valdez and weekly by ship, regularly linking what some would call a remote region to the rest of the world.

Prince William Sound 1964 Earthquake Victims Memorial

Old Town Residents Who Died in the 1964 Earthquake:

Daniel Boddy

Fred “Freddy” O. Brown

Rev. Duane Carriker

Dennis M. Rutledge (Cunningham)

Douglas Granger

Paul Gregorieff

David Lee Growden

James Wilson Growden

James Wilson Growden, Jr.

Margaret Keenan Harrais

Robert P. Harrison

Harry Henderson

Sam Johnson

Chester G. Joslyn

Stanley Knutsen

Howard Kraiger

Georgia “Pat” Kulstad

Ross A. McCoy

Donald Mueller

Donald M. O’Leary

Richard J. Robinson

William W. Schmidt

Sterlin O. Stapp

Debra L. Stuart

Earl L. Stuart

Janice L. Stuart

Larry P. Stuart

George T. Tabasco

Ralph E. Thompson

Jack Van Buskirk

Phillip G. Wheeler

Milton T. Williams

Gerald L. Zook