Justine Pechuzal Journey by Sea

Justine Pechuzal Journey by Sea

Along with the humpback whales, I first migrated to Alaska from Arizona in 2004 to work as a sea kayak guide in Seward. Justine Pechuzal then split her time between the environmental extremes of desert and rainforest, earning a Master’s Degree in Art Education plus a BA in art history, creative writing, and studio art from the University of Arizona. Pechuzal has spent more than ten weeks over the past eight years making self-supported sea kayaking trips to remote wilderness areas of Prince William Sound. Through two dimensional imagery she draws from her experiences, seeking to immerse viewers in the environment and experience of her travels. Viewers can appreciate not just the sights, but the sensation of being in this vast and varied coastal region.

Exhibit themes are elements of the natural environment: animals, plants, and landscape; paired with how humans, using the ancient tradition of sea kayaking, can access these things. Topics within these themes compare and contrast the different environments within Prince William Sound–from the foreboding glaciers of the Northeastern end, to the rugged coastline of the Southwestern side. Each area has its own unique feel captured through the imagery.

“Curiosity, wonder, and love for wild and remote places inspires my creative work. If I’m not indoors making art about it, I’m outdoors setting up a tent and living in it.”

“Journey by Sea” is a collection of paintings, pastels, and watercolors where the images are accompanied by excerpts from her travel journals highlighting different areas of Prince William Sound.

This exhibit is made possible by the generous support of the Alaska State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Copper Valley Electric Association Community Foundation.