Crary, Will. H.

Crary, Will. H.


Arctic Mining Co. “California Placer Claim,” on Slate Creek. Crary Diary, p. 2; Witnesses F.E. Crary claim on Copper River 7/28/1898. W.H. Crary, Diary Ms. , p. 11;Charter member of the Order of Alaska Moose, 1899. TVN. 1:40. 12/7/01. p. 3;


Signed Notice on 4/10/1900 calling for a Miner’s Meeting at Camp Moose (located about one mile from Chestinchena River on Chisna Creek), on noon April 20th, 1900, to form the Chisna Mining District, along with J.A. Burke, R. T. Herron, W.H. Crary, R. Coles, C.H. Winanas, M.D., Chas. Sandberg, O.J. Hosford, D.B. Leavell, W.H. Robson, D. Park Griswald, J.G. Simpson, H. Krammer, John Mueller, s.R. Means, Chas. Olson, H. Miller, H.E.F. King, B.E. Skinner, W.J. Aniker, Archie Parks, p. 11, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Name appears as officer or committee person in minutes of the Miner’s Meeting 4/20/1900 at Moose Camp: J. Burke (Chair), Kraemer (secretary), M. Dempsey (Recorder), B.E. Skinner, F. Date, R.T. Heron, W.J. Aniker, Jas. B. Newcomb, A.D.. McDowell, T. M. Dautton, W.H. Crary; approved size and by-laws of district, passed Resolution: against the “lavish and indiscriminate use of Powers-of-Attorney, but that those representing partners in the Territory of Alaska and locating claims for them shall not be considered guilty of such use.” (Directed against Hazelet party), resolution to be “posted in conspicuous places;” appointed committee of 5 (names not given) to settle minor disputes until the next meeting, 4/21/1900, p. 11-13, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Both W.H. Crary and M. Dempsey were nominated for the Recorder’s position of the Chisna Mining District, Crary withdrew in Dempsey’s favor, Dempsey unanimously acclaimed the recorder, p. 21 Chisna MD Records; Chistochina, No. 2, Arctic Company Placer Claim, on Eagle Canyon Creek a tributary to Mankoman River, locators: James Simpson, S.B. Means, R. T. Heron, James Baker, C.N. Crary, Jas. A. Bourke, W.H. Crary, Wm. Grogg, located 6/19/1900, witness Archie Park, H.E.F King, recorded 10/2/1900 by O.J. Hosford, Dept. Recorder, p. 25; Location notice for “Yeaydom” on Red Mountain Creek, witness Heron, p. 29, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Location notice by W.H. Crary, J. Bourke, J. Simpson for “Marion” claim, on Slate Creek, 6/22/1900, p. 256, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Location notice for “Flower Bed,” claim by W.H. Crary, Jos. Bourke, J. Simpson, on Slate Creek, p. 258, Chisna MD.Records, 1900;


Witness to Date’s Location Notice of Wharf Site, near Valdez, 1/12/1901with H. Brian Pearson,VMDR, 1900, p. 219; Arrives in Valdez from interior, The Valdez News. 1:30. 9/28/01, p. 4;


Valdez newspaperman (1902ff).