Birch, Stephen.

Birch, Stephen.


Yates and Stephen Birch are preparing expedition to the Copper River country; backed by large financial interests; having a churn drill made which can prospect 10 acres of frozen ground in a week, Portland Oregonian, 4/6/98; Filed in VMDR, , 1898-1899, p. 162; Files claim with Abercrombie on Eagle River, 1899. PWSMDR, , Bk. 2, 1898-1900. p. 146; Filed: George Hogg, S. Birch, J.P. Roberts near Swanport in VMDR, p. 161, 10/23/1899;


Kain mortgages to Stephen Birch for $1000 gold coin his 1/22 undivided interest in the Bonanza group of lode mining claims, Excelsior, National, Independnce Nos. 1,2, Bonanza, Mammoth, Native, Azure, Rouge, Flurry, Jumbo Nos. 1,2, &3, Betvix, Amazon, Bear, Mountian Goat, Muskokah, Minnewash, Princeton, Mesaba, Superior, Erie, Atlantic, Pacific, Kennecott; also the Blue and Green placer mining locations east of Kennecott Glacier and all other claims he may have an interest in because of his membership in the so-called McClellan party, made 10/18/1901 at 6% interest per anum until paid; discharged, 4/19/1906.Book A of Mortgages, pp. 79, repaid, p 463;


Location Notice, “Claim No. 2 A,” Dan Creek, with John M. Williams, Loc. April 30th, 1902, Att. Dan S. Kain. Mining Locations and Water Rights, I, pp. 190-191; Location Notice on May 1, 1902 for Mill Site for Bonanza Lode Mining Claim , attest: C.L. Warner, C. ?. Howard, Mining Locations and Water Rights, I, p. 191; Location Notice, “Claim No. 3 A,” Dan Creek, April 25th, 1902, Att. Dan S. Kain. Mining Locations and Water Rights, I, pp. 191; Also for “No 1,” on Dan Creek, “No. 2” on Idaho Creek, “No 1 W” on Utah Gulch, “No 1” on Washington Gulch, plus 8 more claims, pp. 191-198. Latest date is May 25th. All recorded on June 27th, 1902; Location Notice for Quartz 2 Claims on Kennicott Mt., located June 5th, Mining Locations and Water Rights, I, pp. 204, 205;