Sound Truth and Corporate Myth$


The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

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“Important! Chilling! Courageous! Like David confronting Goliath, Riki Ott challenges the giant Exxon to account for its lies and evasions. If you care about life on earth you must read this book. And, as Ott begs, do your bit to force Exxon to compensate its victims and revise its safety measures. We must join forces to safeguard our planet from the effects of chemical poisons and global climate change.”
– Jane Goodall PhD, DBE UN Messenger of Peace

“This book doesn’t just change our view of the Exxon Valdez spill; it forces us to dramatically reassess the risks from petroleum and the enormous costs that industry is imposing on our health and planet.”
– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. President, Waterkeeper Alliance

“Riki Ott brings on-the-water experience, scientific knowledge, eloquence, personal courage and great determination to the task of writing Sound Truth and Corporate Myth$. I first met her in the mid-nineties on her fishing boat in Cordova, Alaska. ON paper and in person, she is the same dedicated professional, sounding the bell for justice when others would rather not go to the trouble. As an Exxon shareholder, I sincerely hope this book hits home.”
– David Rockefeller, Jr. Businessman and Philanthropist

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