Between the Glacier and the Sea DVD


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“It went on and on and on – almost five minutes.”

In 1889 gold rush prospectors first sighted the Valdez Glacier from the steamships and the head of the remote Valdez Bay.  This glacial river of ice promised to lead them to Alaska’s gold fields.  From a haphazard assemblage of prospectors’ tents, the town of Valdez sprang up on unstable ground along the water’s edge.

Sixty-six years later the same beach slid into the sea with the violent shaking o North America’s largest earthquake.  Registering a magnitude of 9.2, the earthquake caused catastrophic damage throughout south central Alaska and resulted in the deaths of 32 people in Valdez.  The town’s survivors were shaken physically and emotionally, ultimately finding strength to rebuild their town on safer ground four miles away.

Told through personal accounts of survivors, the movie dispels myths and reveals untold stories that provide answers to why the city was built in such a precarious location…