Alaska Native Ways


What the Elders Have Taught Us

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As Alaska’s Native peoples confront contemporary challenges, they increasingly find strength in the traditional values and practices that have sustained their cultures for millennia. In stirring words and photos, Alaska Native Ways pays tribute to the first Alaskans and the ancient values they consider paramount.

Ten Essayists, one from each of Alaska’s diverse Native cultures, were asked to write about a specific value that is common to all, lessons that have been part of their oral teachings for countless generations. The resulting essays are infused with personal reflection as well as profound truths.

Featuring Roy Corral’s outstanding photography, Alaska Native Ways offers rare insight into the lives of Alaska’s First People – at work and play, in celebration and sorrow – living out the legacy handed down by the elders.

This wonderful book gives the reader a glimpse into the cultural soul of the Alaska Native people, revealing how culture is very much alive and traditions are thriving.

– Margaret Nelson, Tlingit, Eagle moiety, President and CEO of Alaska Native Heritage Center

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Will Mayo


Diana Campbell, Walkie Charles, Ruthie Lee Tatqavin Ramoth-Sampson, Philip Kelly, Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Sven Haakanson Jr., David Boxley, George Noongwook, Jeane Breinig, Dune Lankard


Roy Corral



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