Papa was a Bush Pilot


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There is a certain magic about “The Last Frontier” – and invisible force that tugs at the souls of those who will listen. Like a magnet, it draws the stout-hearted into its vast frozen bosom. Some might call this strange attraction, wanderlust, or even foolhardiness. London called it “The Call of the Wild.” Whatever is is, Cleo McMahan sought it, found it, and he and his family have lived it for more than half a century. Sally McMahan Pollen has painstakingly chronicled her family’s Alaska adventures for all to enjoy. From building their own cabin, to hunting wolves at -50 F, these tales (many in “Papa’s” own words), are sure to strike a chord of excitement in the hearts of all who have ever loved “The Great Land.”

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Sally McMahan Pollen


Sally McMahan Pollen



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