Pick. Click. Give

Pick. Click. Give

Pick.Click.Give. when you file for your PFD by March 31st and be entered to win an extra PFD. Ten lucky Alaskans who share part of their PFD through Pick.Click.Give will be given an extra dividend. If you’ve already filed, it’s easy to log on again and make a donation to the Valdez Museum. A small donation can make a big impact! Click here for official sweepstakes rules.

The Valdez Museum & Historical Archive strives to make measurable changes in community conditions and improve lives by offering enrichment opportunities in developing healthy children, families and community through our exhibits, cultural programs, education and historical interpretation. The museum fosters a “sense of community” by sharing the stories of our lives here in the Prince William Sound area while allowing for easy interaction among community members at exhibits, lectures, and presentations. The museum functions as a place of ideas and education. Museums are a natural gathering place for a community and through a variety of activities and events provide a conduit that helps build and strengthen inter-connections within the family units and within the community at large.

With the generous support of Pick Click Give gifts, the Valdez Museum continued its efforts in 2016 to be more than a place to store artifacts and relics. The Museum is grounded in a strong sense of responsibility to contributing to the regions educational and economic development. Over the last year the Museum Board of Directors and Staff continue to work hard to not only expand our reach to summer visitors, but deepen our relationship with the local community. 2016 has not only been a year that the Valdez Museum continued to sustain and grow our mission driven program of work, but also continued to look to the future by finishing up a pre-planning process for a museum capital project that strives to create a museum facility which will contribute to our community’s image and well-being.

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