Roberts, J. P.

Roberts, J. P.


First class passenger on steamer Valencia, departing Seattle 4/7/98, Seattle P-I 4/8/98 & Seattle Times, 4/8/98; Arrived April 1898 (C1900); Filed Location Notice, 1/23/99 with Goss & C.H. Riggins witness, VMDR, p. 23, 71; Filed: George Hogg, S. Birch, J.P. Roberts near Swanport in VMDR, p. 161, 10/23/1899; Donated to building relief station on Valdez Glacier, Sept. 1898. Valdez, 1898. CS1; Subscribed to a relief station fund for 1899 on Valdez Glacier, in Valdez, 1898, CS1; Latouche Island quartz claims Storey and J.B. Roberts, Mining Locations, Book 2. 1898-1901. p 257-269ff; Located lot in Valdez townsite 4/26/1898, recorded 5/10/1898, V-Lot, Index, p.19; deeded to R. Millard, V-Lot, Index, p.19; Location notice with G. Hogg, “Phillips Copper Mine,” in Landlocked Bay, PWSMDR, BK. 2, p. 249; Location notice, “California,” SE side of Copper Mountain next to “Copper King,” PWSMDR, BK 2, p. 209;


Roberts and G. Hogg for $10 sell their undivided 1/4th interest in the “Phillips” Copper Mine in Land Locked Bay on the N.E. side of copper Mountain ‘about half way beween the Bay and the summit of said mountain,” and filed on PWSMDR, Bk 2, p. 249, 10/7/1899 and the “California Mine” situated on the S.E. side of Copper Mountian adjoining the Copper King Mine, recorded PWSMDR, Bk. 2, p. 209, 9/4/1899, p. 61, PWSMDR, Bk. 3, In Valdez between 6/11/1900-1/26/1900, C1900; Grubstake claim: Grubstaked F.J. Date, wife and child merchandise, board, money, and lodging and also Louis Rosenthall, claims undivided 1/2 interest in all claims discovered, etc. during the years 1899-1900 including: Huntdrummer, Mani, Discovery, Eagle Canyon, 11/9/1900, Chesna MD, p. 212; Location Notice for “First Chance Mine,” located by Chas. Swanson, L. Anderson, and A.B. Cooper in Swanson’s Bay about 8 miles west of south from Pt. Controse (?), located 8/20/1900, witnesses Russell Robinson, J.P. Roberts, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 120; Notice of Transfer: For $1 von Ziepel assigns to J.P. Roberts, Hogg, a 1/3 interest in Manhattan claim on Miller gulch a trib. Slate Creek District, (Chisna MDR, Bk. 1, p. 215), on 10/1/1900, Valdez MDR, p. 123; Quit Claim notice: Pays Wm. Spencer $200 for Lot 4, Block 8 on McKinley Street where the Hotel Valdez now stands, 12/14/1900, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 190; Sells for $200 from Albert White Lot 4 Block 8, together with all buildings, etc. 12/14/1900, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 190-191; Contract; Date refused to turn over interest in all claims as part of the grubstake, firm of Roberts & Hogg assign all rights to grubstake claims to Al White, Valdez MDR, 1900, p. 194-195;


Donates to Chamber’s Glacier Creek diversion fund, The Valdez News, 1:16. 6/25/01; Voter Roll for Election of July 1, 1901, Crary Scrapbooks, Vol. 1; new house nearing completion, The Valdez News. 1:20. 7/20/01, p. 4;