Nokes, John.

Nokes, John.


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Additional Information

Here is what I have on John Nokes. He was born 3 May 1950 in Brown Ill. Died 21 Apr 1909 at Slate Creek, Copper Center, Alaska. He was married twice, first to Amy Ritlings (sp?) then to Elizabeth C. Rush. Family tradition has it that John was killed along with his three partners by an Indian guide. His death certificate #0002 states his death was the result of suicide. I am awaiting word from Glenallen regarding the inquest. John sent vials of gold dust home to his family and grandchildren. He and Elizabeth had 8 children and seven lived to adulthood. Their eighth child died at birth. John went to Alaska shortly thereafter. When I get a copy of the inquest I will have more. I just received a picture of John and his three partners. This group of men located and witnessed each other’s claims. From what I have read they were a close group. Hope this is what you wanted. I only do research and not much writing about what I have found. I guess this is going to be my next step if other people are going to learn anything about the many people of the past. Sincerely, Gary L. AuBuchon