Grogg, Wm.

Grogg, Wm.


Passenger list for the schooner Hera, departed Seattle for Copper River 3/22/98, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 3/23/98; Located Lot 4: Block 3; Fronting on Keystone in Valdez township, 11/28/1898, recorded 11/28/1898, V-Lot, Index , p. 108; List of prospectors crossing Valdez Glacier, 5/29/1898, Crary Diary, p. 5; Locator, “William Grogg” placer claim, No. 1 below Discovery on Manker Creek, 7/20/98, witnesses, Manker & Bruce,TMDR, p. 55; Witnesses in TMDR for Bruce, p. 11, Aberheim, p. 11, Manker, p. 11, Bland, p. 12, Patterson, p. 13, McGee, p. 20, Bradford, Sr. 20, Agassig, p. 51; Locator, QCMDR, 1898, p. 37; Subscriber to building relief station on Valdez Glacier, Sept. 1898; Crossed Valdez Glacier to Valdez, Nov. 19, 1898 in storm with 9 men; 3 died on glacier. Powell, Trailing. p. 95; Left Twelve-Mile Camp for Valdez Nov. 14, 1898 with Grogg brothers, Ferguson, Polinsky and Egram – party of nine -two returned, Mike Smith died, Brown in Glenn & Abercrombie, p. 623; Age, 30, began receiving rations from Quartermaster Brown at Army cantonment in Valdez, Dec. 14th, 1898, for 75 days, listed as an American Destitute, Brown, List of Persons Rationed; Bourke notes. CS1; had contract with Johnson to build station on Trans-Alaska Military Trail, Babcock, In Abercrombie 1900, p. 76-77;


Arrived June 9 with Barrett in Chisna area from Mentasta with mail from interior, From Diary M. Dempsey, 1900. Crary Scrapbook, Vol. 1.# 199; Along Copper River Trail between 6/28/1900-10/1/1900, C1900; Locator, “Sunset claim,” 7/12/1900, pp. 186, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; “Last Chance,” 7/11/1900, p. 187, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; “Top claim,” 7/12/1900, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; “Divide Claim,” 7/19/1900, p. 189, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; “End Claim” co-located with B. von Ziepel, 6/22/1900, p. 190, Chisna MD.Records, 1900; Chisna MDR,No. 2, 160 acres on Eagle Creek on the East Fork of the Chistochina. Locators: Nels Jensen, Swan Johnson, Wm. N. Lewis, Oscar E. Olson, Arthur P. Olson, Lars Holland, Robert Shafer, A.S. Jensen, Ed. J. Donnelly, Arthur Roush, Gerhard Hansen by their agents James J. Ikes and Wm. Grogg, Located 9/3/1900, Recorded 9/25/1900, p. 12; Chisna MDR, No. 2, Sarah Jane, on Eagle Creek a tributary of the east fork of the Chistochina, locator: Wm Grogg on 9/3/1900, Witness, James Ikes, Recorded 9/25/1900, p. 13, M. Dempsey, Recorder; Chisna MDR, No. 2, Witness to James Ikes Eagle Nest Claim, p. 14; Chisna MDR, No. 2, Artic Company Placer Claim, on Eagle Canyon Creek a tributary to Mankoman River, locators: James Simpson, S.B. Means, R. T. Heron, James Baker, C.N. Crary, Jas. A. Bourke, W.H. Crary, Wm. Grogg, located 6/19/1900, witness Archie Park, H.E.F King, recorded 10/2/1900 by O.J. Hosford, Dept. Recorder, p. 25; Location Notice: “Magpie,” situated about 2 miles south of the head of Galena Bay on main mountain about 1/2 mile west of head of small lake on right hand fork of stream emptying into head of Galena Bay.” Located 10/15/1900, Chas. Simenstad, Wm Grogg, with A.M. Hendrie as witness, VMDR, 1900, p. 212; Deed of Mining Property: Sells for $100 a 1/3 interest in “End Claim,” on Slate Creek (Recorded Bk. 1, CMDR, p. 190), “Sunset Claim,” (CMDR, p. 186), and “Last Chance,” (CMDR, p. 187) to Sylvester Grogg of St. Joseph, MO, on 12/15/1900, VMDR, 1900, p. 262; Mining Deed: For receipt of $1, Grogg quit claims his 1/3rd interest to Swan Johnson his claims: “End Claim,” on Slate Creek (Recorded Bk. 1, CMDR, p. 190), “Sunset Claim,” (CMDR, p. 186), and “Last Chance,” (CMDR, p. 187), the “Divide Placer Claim,” (BK. CMDr, p. 189), VMDR, 1900, p. 263;


Donated to new City Hall, The Valdez News. 1:12. 5/25/01; Owns Claim #5 on Chesna with S. Johnson. Good prospects. Also work on Slate. The Valdez News. 1:31. 10/5/01, p. 1.