Fish, Mrs. Nellie E. (James Sr.)

Fish, Mrs. Nellie E. (James Sr.)


Arrived in Valdez, Sept. 1899, C1900;


In Valdez between 6/11/1900-6/26/1900, C1900; Robert Fulkerson (Faulkerson) sells 1/3rd of all claims he has made in the Chisna mining district prior to 8/25/1900 for $1 to James and Nellie E. Fish, witness Alvah Eames, Chistochina No. 2, p. 203; Mining lease from M. Dempsey, Mrs. Nellie E. Fish, and James Fish to W.W. Beck to mine 1/2 interest in the Cole’s Placer Mine at Slate Creek for 1/2 profits, free use of Dempsey’s water rights, etc., 9/25/1900, witness M.C. Murman, Chistochina, No. 2, pp. 207-208; Dempsey sells his 1/2 interest in the Cole’s Placer claim to Nellie E and James Fish, 10/2/1900, witness M.C. Murman, Chistochina No. 2, p. 209; James & Nellie Fish sell for $400 the East Side Mine on the Chisna River to Simon and Isadore Erlanger, 12/19/1900, Chisna MDR, No. 2, p. 213; not clear that the Erlangers were in Alaska;


Joins Ladies’ Aid Society.The Valdez News. 1:20. 7/20/01, p. 4;