Doty, Mrs. Eleanor F. (Nellie).

Doty, Mrs. Eleanor F. (Nellie).


Arrived in Alaska, May 1899, C1900; QCMDR, 1899, Locator of “Happy Thought Claim”, Sept. 23, 1899, p. 161; Location Notice, Excelsior 4/19/99 in VMDR, p. 108; Location Notice, Earl located Chisna River, Claim No. 8, 9/21/99 in VMDR, p. 108; Location Notice, Earl Placer Claim, located on Chisna River, No. 8 below Discovery claim, 9/21/99, Witness: S.W. Jones, H (?).L. Moore, Recorded 12/10/1900, CMDR, p. 43; 1899 photo of Nellie with Alex Singletary in [Montana] bar in Crary collection. Interesting “feminist” statement in clothes she is wearing.


In Valdez between 6/11/1900-6/26/1900, C1900; Location Notice, Earl Placer Claim, located on Chisna River, No. 8 below Discovery claim, Sept. 21, 1899, Witness: S.W. Jones, H (?).L. Moore, Recorded Dec. 10th 1900. Chisna (Chistochina) R.D. Bk. 2, p. 43 (note claim recorded also in Valdez R.D. in 1899); Archibald Park sells Eleanor E. Doty his 1/4th interest in the “Four Black Dogs” Placer Mining Claim on Slate Creek (Recorded Vol. 1, p. 112) to Doty for $600 paid on Dec. 7th 1900 with $1,400 due on Sept. 1, 1901, Chisna (Chistochina) R.D. Bk. 2, p. 214; sells Valdez Township Lot 1, Block 6 with bar, bar fixtures, furniture, stock of wines and liquors and other fixtures in building on lot along with rights, etc. to collect rents, etc. to E.G. Ames for $4,500, on Oct. 12th 1901.Book C of Deeds and Mining Locations, p. 202; Chistochina, No. 2, locator of Earl Placer Mining Claim on 9/21/1900, witness: A. W. Jones, H.L. Moore, recorded 12/10/1900, p. 43; Archibald Park sells 1/4th interest in his “Four Black Dogs” placer mine on Slate Creek to Eleanor Doty for $600 downpayment and $1400 due by 9/1/1901, witnessed James Fish, 12/7/1900, Chisna MDR, No. 2, p. 214; Sworn statement: “I hereby make a sworn statement that Mr. A. Park was a Grubstaker in Miss Eleanor E. Doty interest and that I gave him the amt. that his contract call for. Mr. Wm Grogg knows that Mr. Archie Park had all provisions in my camp and also knew same was taken to Slate Cr. after the discovery was made. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2nd day of October, 1900, C.B. Smith, U.S. Court Commissioner (right side), B.G. Levaroos, (lower left side), Valdez MDR, p. 123; Location notice for Eleanor Doty by A. Parks, attorney for “Doty Claim,” on Rock(y) Creek, witness Date and Rosenthal, p. 76, Chisna MD Records, 1900; Power of Attorney to Archie Park, p. 252, Chisna MD.Records, 1900;


Archie Park sold his “undivided one eighth interest in the ‘Four Black Dogs’ placer claim for $2,000 to Eleanor Dory.The Valdez News. 1:31. 10/5/01; Ames mortgages for $2,500 to Eleanor Doty his Lot 1 in block 6, buildings, etc. bar fixtures and furnishings, also 3/16th interest in placer claims known as the Tacoma in the Chesna Mining District, 10/12/1901, Book A of Mortgages, p. 86, no indication of repayment;


Location Notice Blue Belle Mine, Witness. J. H. Smith. Mining Locations and Water Rights, Valdez Recording District, Third Division, Alaska. E. p. 28; Location Notice, No. 19 Mine, Mining Locations and Water Rights, Valdez Recording District, Third Division, Alaska. E. p. 28;Notice of Suit in Foreclosure: Doty vs. E.G. Ames and Willard Scott, on lien on mortgage of Oct. 12, 1902 recorded Book “A” of Mortgages, pp. 86, 87, and 89 described as; Lot 1, Block 6 and an undivided 3/16ths in and to the Slate Creek placer mining claim “Tacoma” located by James Manker, June 1900. Dated May 5th 1902. Filed May 7, 1902. in Book A of Liens, p. 16; Returned to Valdez after trip to the States on Excelsior, TVN, 2:1, 3/8/02, p. 4; Leaving on short trip to States, TVN, 2:39, 12/6/02, p.4; sells strip on Reservation to Oscar Fish for $100, TVN, 2:40, 12/13/02, supplement, p.1;

Additional Information

In suit of King vs. Doty over wages, commissioner’s court decided in favor of plaintiff, TVN 4:32, 10/15/04, p. 4; outgoing passenger on the steamer Santa Clara, TVN 4:33, 10/22/04, p. 4; Aug. 23, 1909, fee on deed, $2.60; Bk. J Deeds, p. 468; FEE Bk. p. 54;