Cramer, A. F.

Cramer, A. F.


Location Notice by power of attorney for A. J. Daly of Juneau for copper claim north end of Glacier Island, faces on Gray’s harbor, Bay, 8/23/1899, PWSMDR, Bk. 2. p. 207-8; Locator, the Gold Dollar claim on tributary to Mineral Creek, 10/11/99, Merrifield and Merchant witnesses, VMDR, p. 164;


Sells for $10 his 1/2 interest in the claim “Hidden Treasure,” suitated on the ledge known as “Hidden Treasure” lode on the north end of Glacier Island opposite the George Glacier (Columbia Glacier?), originally recorded in PWSMDR, Bk, 2, p. 208 on 9/3/1899, 3/12/1900, PWSMDR, Bk. 3, p. 59;


Location notice: “Surprise Lode Claim,” by N. Jacobson, A.J. Cramer, N. Anderson, on north side of Copper Mt., filed 1/24/1901, VMDR, 1900, p. 231; Location Notice; “Lucky Dog Claim,” situated on “north side of Gray’s Harbor on Glacier Island,” located 1/4/1901, by Jacobson, Cramer, and Anderson, VMDR, 1900, p. 233; Location Notice “Lena Lode Claim,” on Glacier Island “about 800 ft. in a southerly direction from the head of Gray’s harbor,” 1/24/1901, VMDR, 1900, p. 234; Location Notice “Lucky Three Lode Claim,” on Glacier Island “in Gray’s Harbor opposite the “Gertrude Claim,” 1/24/1901, VMDR, 1900, p. 234;