Ames, Eugene G.

Ames, Eugene G.


Passenger list for the schooner Hera, departed Seattle for Copper River 3/22/98, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 3/23/98; Arrived in Alaska, April 1898, C1900; Mining Agreement between W.F. Wharton and E.G. Ames to supply Ames. 3/18/1898. ML, Bk G. p. 706-709; Locator, Placer Claim No. 40 above Canyon, Manker Creek, “Birdie”, 10/11/98, Witnesses Manker & John Diston,TMDR, p. 43; Locator, Placer Claim No. 5 above Canyon,O’Brien Creek, “Birdie”, 10/15/98, Witnesses Manker & W.D. McGee,TMDR, p. 43; Witness with McGee to Diston claim, TMDR, p. 69; Subscribed to a relief station fund for 1899 on Valdez Glacier, in Valdez, 1898, CS1;


In Valdez between 6/11/1900-6/26/1900, C1900;


Subscribed to Fire Department, The Valdez News, 1:33. 10/19/01, p. 1; Owns Rooming House.