Building Committee Meeting 7.10.15

  1. Call to Order/Roll Call
    Mrs. Relay called the meeting to order at 12:06 p.m.
    Members Present: Lisa Von Bargen, Richard Smith, Tom McAlister, Julie Farrell, Emmie Swanson, and Michelle Cullen
    Staff Present: Patricia Relay, Andrew Goldstein, Faith Revell and Brittany Cabello
  2. Introduction of Guests
  3. Public Business from the Floor
  4. Approval of the Minutes
    Motion: Mrs. Swanson moved to approve the Building Committee Minutes from June 11, 2015, seconded by Ms. Von Bargen. Discussion: None. Vote: All members present voted to approve, none opposed. The motion carried.
  5. Committee Chair Report
  6. Old Business
    a. Interview Wrap-up Report: Mrs. Relay reported that at our previous meeting the top three firms were chosen. Each one was then interviewed, and after the interview process was complete the Committee agreed to award the contract to Alchemy of Design.
  7. New Business
    a. Contract with Alchemy of Design: The Committee went through the proposed contract line by line, and corrected a number of typos and formatting errors.
    b. Next Steps: Deferred to future Meeting
    c. Timeline for Pre-Development Planning: Deferred until a Master Interpretive Planner is hired.
  8. Committee Business From the Floor
  9. Next Meeting and Committee Assignments
    Unless otherwise posted.
    Building Committee Meeting: August 13, 2015 5:30 p.m. in the Egan Commons
  10. Adjournment
    Motion: With no further business before the board, Mr. Smith moved to adjourn the Committee meeting, Mr. Goldstein seconded. Discussion: None. Vote: All members present in favor, none opposed. Mrs. Relay adjourned the meeting at 1:38 p.m.